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enya Andulairah Ani Williams

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Andulairah is a seer, a modern day mystic, in service to the betterment of humanity. She is a certified somnambulist hypnotherapist, a regressional therapist, a trained sound practitioner and applies this with her inner guidance and deep connection to the higher worlds.

Her music is crafted to reconnect the body with the mind, to release internal trauma, to encourage healing, love and radiance from within, and to also realign the auric field and cosmic bodies surrounding the biological/corporeal form.

Her musical tastes and compositions are diverse; A blend of ancient sounds integrated with new age frequencies and sound patterns, all on the basis of the A432Hz frequency.

Relax and enjoy the sounds of Andulairah, and allow yourself to escape the modern day world and envelope yourself into the other worlds, bridging a deep soul connection with your heart, body and mind.

The body responds to different sounds and note frequencies that aid it to heal from the inside out. Music therapy is one of the best therapies to alleviate the worries and tensions that life can sometimes give.

Andulairah is naturally very intuitive and quietly going about her way, keeping her ear and energy anchored to the Earth yet also drawing down cosmic energies which channel throughout her music.
Most of the time, the music has come to her as messages through her dreamtime or from imprints downloaded from her Higher Self. She is passionate about bringing the messages in the form of sound to our current physical reality to help others, to give others hope and to live their lives with the highest intentions, with happiness and with peace.