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Adam Baldych Damage Control

Damage Control is Adam Baldych most recognized project, which presents a sophisticated combination of acoustic & electric trends in Jazz Music. The band performed about 80 concerts in whole Europe and recorded 2 albums wchich has a great revievs in jazz magazines.
The band consist four very extremely creative musicians:

Adam Baldych- violin
Pawel Tomaszewski- piano
Piotr Zaczek- bass
Cezary Konrad- drums

One of the leaded jazz publisher Israelian Adam Baruch writes about Adam Bałdych Damage Control – "Magical Theatre"

The violin holds a very special position in the history of modern Polish Jazz, and except for France, no other European country can pride itself in such splendid heritage as far as the use of violin in Jazz is concerned.

The first generation of modern Polish Jazz musicians includes three distinguished Jazz violinists: Michał Urbaniak (born 1943), Zbigniew Seifert (born 1946) and Krzesimir Dębski (born 1953). Each of these virtuosi and exceptional composers made his mark not only on Polish Jazz, but also on European Jazz and World Jazz scenes. Of course each of these three musicians offered a unique and very individual approach to violin, all being innovators and pioneers: Urbaniak contributed greatly to the development of Jazz-Fusion and Jazz-Funk, Seifert to modern and Free Jazz and Dębski to the amalgam of Jazz and contemporary Classical music.

Adam Bałdych (born 1986) is of course a member of a different generation; one might even say a child of a very different era. His predecessors lived and created under the Socialist regime, which of course was far from enabling the freedom of expression and the opportunities to study and develop musical talents, and their life was a story of constant struggle with reality. Bałdych grew up in a "new" Poland, liberated, democratic and full of opportunities. That does not mean, of curse, that his life and his path to success was an easy one.

Considered a child prodigy, Bałdych started his performing and then composing careers very early on, which explains his extremely impressive biography at the age of 25. The list of awards, notable performances, composing credits and recordings could easily satisfy a musician twice his age or more.

And yet Bałdych considers this album a pivotal point of his career and although not his recording debut, this is certainly a new begging, hopefully of an international career. Recorded with his band called Damage Control, "Magical Theatre" is certainly an album, which should expose him to the worldwide audiences.

Bałdych composed six of the eight compositions present here and co-composed one more, with the last being composed by the band's keyboardist. The band includes gifted young players, who provide him with excellent support and execute his complex compositions with grace and panache. Full of youthful spirit and energy, the album flows beautifully from one track to the next, changing moods and atmospheres, but always remaining fascinating. There are no dull moments here, no boring parts and no fillers – just one continuous flow of entrancing music, which keeps the listener captivated.

Of course regardless of how good the performers might be, the primary strength of this album lies in the music contained herein. Bałdych's compositions are simply spot on and his unique ability to amalgamate the Jazz tradition, the Polish romanticism and the contemporary sound techniques works perfectly. An experienced listener will be able to discover many delicate musical hints and references in this music, especially in Bałdych's solos, but surely anybody able of enjoying good music will find here starlight qualities. I'm sure that Michał, Zbigniew and Krzesimir would be proud of the continuator of their splendid heritage.

What remains is to hope that as many music connoisseurs as possible will eventually discover this gem and hold it dear to their hearts. I certainly hope it does happen, big time, as it is well deserved!

Adam Baruch, 2011