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Adelamonica grew up in a household that was always filled with music. When her father, a church organist and choir master, wasn't playing his favorite classical music compositions on the family record player, her mother was listening to the soundtracks from popular musicals and records from a wide range of popular sixties and seventies artists.

Adelamonica and her siblings used to fantasize in their youth that they would become like the Von Trapp family singers from the Sound Of Music. But those dreams were forgotten by the time the family moved from their native Antigua & Barbuda to Brooklyn New York.

Adelamonica always maintained a love for music throughout her life. She would make up songs from time to time without having any serious thought towards becoming a singer or song-writer. It was not until much later in life that she came to realize that singing and song-writing provided a comfortable and safe way for her to express the thoughts and feelings which she tended to keep bottled up inside. Once she came to that realization she made the decision to change her life through music.