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Angela Lidin

Angela is more than Country music

Angela began to write music even as a young girl, influenced by a singing mother and a grandfather who was a poet and a performing cabaret artist. With role models like Evert Taube and Dan Andersson, she learned to love storytelling and vivid lyrics. Her musical roots are to be found in the old Swedish singer-songwriter tradition, but Angela has also been open to other influences. Her lyrics are often based on her own experiences.

When Angela left the school and the city life to become "cowgirl," she got inspired by the new life - but, she kept her love of the Swedish language and the traditional songs. It was also at the farm that she found country music and artists like Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris and so forth. Living close to the nature and the different stages of life on the farm gave her a spiritual depth.

In her teens Angela began to perform at various events. Farming, however, placed their clear limitations on how often she could be on the road. In the late eighties, she left the farm and worked among others a tourist farm in the southern tip of Sweden. Meanwhile, she met her future husband, Bjorn who is also a farmer, and they started a family. The family has always been number one for Angela, which she never regretted. The idea was that she would have time to make a career when the children flew out of the nest. That was a good idea, but something that her health problems interrupted with.

Still, Angela has released several albums on her own label, and she got a record deal at the Norwegian label Showtime Records in 2001. They released I'll Be Back in 2002 with a TV-ad on TV3 Norway. She also received a grant from STIM to record an album with more or less spiritual songs. Nära Dig was released by Talking Music in 2004.

In June 2005, Angela was attending a songwriting seminar in Oslo, where Jason Blume pronounced himself a fan after listening on her song Through The Veil. Since then, he has evaluated several of her songs from the album Sometimes I Am with top critique.

2008 Angela had the privilege of working with several professionals in the Swedish music industry: In Lennart Sjoholm at Purple Sound Studio Angela found a vocal producer who could help her to grow as a singer. The album, Sometimes I Am, was mixed by Thomas Haglund and Ake Grahn. Lars Rosin mastered the album and he also recorded the vocal tracks of Arly Karlsen and mixed the duet. Others on the production are Thomas Haglund, Berra Carlsson, Lasse Wellander, Stig Lindell, Jan Steel, Owe Walter, Jan Kynkaanniemi and Lennart Sjoholm and Liza Ohman on backup vocal. With this album was Angela back on her own label. Though the CD was only released in a small edition the album was finally released worldwide digitally in 2012, like her debut album, Angels Touch, was in 2013.

New album in 2015

In 2014 Angela Lidin found a producer, Stefan Deland, who is focused on her as a singer and songwriter. He built up the music, sparingly and with feeling, around her songs and especially her voice. This production is deliberately stripped down, honest and earthy.

About Faith

Angela says: "I am who I am. I think, feel and react in the way that I write in my lyrics. I have made ​​a conscious choice that I want my music to support, inspire and delight others - sometimes through my spiritual experiences. For me faith is something personal, something precious that reaches into our innermost room, which we with mutual respect can share with each other. I do not cry repentance and I’m not trying to give others a bad conscience. I believe in a loving God who knows our potential and who focuses on our eternal growth. What I have is not contagious, that is if you don’t want to get infected, of course!