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Apokalyptic Raids

The band's references date back to the late 1970's, when sons of the New Wave of British
Heavy Metal VENOM appeared. Uniting KISS' theatrics, to the heaviness of
BLACK SABBATH, and the aggression of MOTÖRHEAD and Hardcore Punk,
they took Metal to the next level, creating the Power/Speed/Thrash/Death/
Black Metal subgenres. Great genre-defining bands followed in the years 1982 - 1987,
POSSESSED, and in Brazil VULCANO and DORSAL ATLÂNTICA, among many others.
That golden age of Metal is often refered to, but seldom completely understood.
The bottom line is that good Heavy music has no expiration date.
APOKALYPTIC RAIDS was formed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1998,
by fans who lived that history. Some songs date back to 1985.

Fast and visceral, yet heavy and introspective. Vintage and careful production. Simple,
rustic, yet not easy to reproduce. Lyrics dealing with obscure, fantastic, existential,
pessimistic, niestszchean themes.



After many years looking for the right musicians, LEON MANSSUR “NECROMANIAC”, guitar and vocals, starts the band in 1998. It reflects then his 25 year experience in the scene, including own songs from 1985 to 1998, that have been recorded since.

The first recording is a self-financed rehearsal-demo in 1999. Tracks from it appear in some compilations (Planet Metal magazine, In search of Weird Truth tape from Japan and Thrashing Rage CD-R from Germany, all sold out) and in the 7"EP MAXIMUM METAL MAYHEM, on Iron Bonehead from Germany, in 2001, later re-pressed by Hell Music in 2011.

First album "ONLY DEATH IS REAL..." is recorded in 2000. Since then, there were 4 CD pressings, 3 LP pressings and 1 on tape, a total of 6,000 copies sold by labels in 4 countries. In the album release they opened Krisiun's first show in Rio, for 1,000 people audience.

In 2001, young Thrash Metal drummer PEDRO ROCHA, a.k.a. "SKULLKRUSHER" from FARSCAPE joins the band. Following this, they played some gigs in the 4 states of southeastern of Brazil, including opening to FRANK BLACKFIRE (SODOM, KREATOR), to a mean audience of 500 people.


Between 2002 and 2003, the band goes pro and produces and releases the second full-lenght, the self-financed "THE RETURN OF THE SATANIC RITES". Since then, there were 2 pressings on CD, 2 on LP and 2 on tape, selling more than 4,000 copies.

More than 10 shows follow, with a mean audience of 1.000 people. They produce and play in the comeback gig of VULCANO and CHAKAL in Rio with FARSCAPE, DIABOLIC FORCE and FLAGELADÖR. They play with HEADHUNTER D.C. in Belo Horizonte, and with MAUSOLEUM, EM RUÍNAS and UNHOLY FLAMES in São Paulo.

The year 2004 is spent in composition for the third album, but in the end of that year VINÍCIUS CANABARRO "HELLPREACHER" replaces bass player A. AGUINAGA "SUB UMBRA" and then they play again in São Paulo opening to VULCANO, also with ATOMIC ROAR, featuring HELLPREACHER on vocals.

In 2005 they produce and release "THE THIRD STORM - WORLD WAR III". The album has sold 4.000 copies in 2 CD pressings, 2 LP pressings and 1 tape pressing.

In 2006, they produce and play in SLAUGHTER FESTIVAL 2, in Rio de Janeiro, which included 10 of the most relevant bands in the scene, like COMANDO NUCLEAR, SODOMIZER, BLASTHRASH, WARDEATH and OVERLORD (Paraguay). They produce and play in the MYSTIFIER show in Rio, and they play more than 10 gigs as headliners in many cities in the 4 states of Southeastern Brazil, as well as in the capital city Brasília, in middle Brazil, to crowds that range from 500 to 2.000 people.

In 2007, they are guests opening to KRISIUN again, this time with TORTURE SQUAD. In the middle of the year, drummer SKULLKRUSHER is replaced by MÁRCIO CATIVEIRO "SLAUGHTERER", for scheduled gigs with OCULTAN, COMANDO NUCLEAR and AGATHOCLES.


In the beginning of 2008, the first brazilian tour celebrates 10 years of activities. It is a joint effort with FARSCAPE. There are 14 dates on every region of continent-sized Brazil in 50 days. In this tour VICTOR VASCONCELLOS "WHIPSTRIKER" played the bass and HUGO GOLON the drums. (Both were also on the brazilian tour and DVD of TOXIC HOLOCAUST in 2006.)

In the same year, after the tour, the gig schedule becomes even more intense. NECROMANIAC, HELLPREACHER and SLAUGHTERER played to 1.000 people in the WACKEN selection in Rio, in Mato Grosso state (with an impressive 3 hour show), and also at Roça'n'Roll Open Ain in Minas Gerais state, and opened to POSSESSED in São Paulo, to more than 3.000 people in each event.

During 2009, while doing more gigs in Rio and São Paulo states, they produce the fourth album, entitled "VOL. 4 - PHONOCOPIA" . Following its release in 2010, on the band's own label HELL MUSIC, together with labels Moribundo, Urubuz, Paranoid (Brazil) and Hell's Headbangers (USA), there is a 3-month, 30-show tour of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The first print run is 2.000 CDs, 1.000 LPs and 888 cassettes (on Goat Vomits - Bolivia).

In the years that follow, they do more shows in Brazil with such names as GRAVE DESECRATOR, COMMUNION (Chile), EJECUTOR (Chile), WHIPSTRIKER, EM RUÍNAS, COMANDO NUCLEAR , and also in Zoombie Ritual open air fest, 2011 and 2012 with VULCANO and VIOLATOR, among many others.

The band appeared in the brazilian DISCHARGE tribute and made a self release video clip of "Decontrol".

In 2012, HELL MUSIC releases the split 7"EP APOKALYPTIC WAR, with WARHAMMER (Germany), during their brazilian tour. Right after that, another split 7"EP is released, entitled HELL NOISE, with AGATHOCLES (Belgium).

Starting 2013, they played with canadian band SKULLFIST. Composition for the fifth full-lenght gains momentum. In the second half of that year, SKULLKRUSHER re-joins the band. HELL MUSIC releases the split 7"EP ISN'T WAR GREAT? , with FARSCAPE, with unreleased recordings from 2002. They end the year opening to M:PIRE OF EVIL, from MANTAS (VENOM), among other concerts.

In 2014, 2 more split 7" EPs are released, one with ATOMIC ROAR, with outtakes from Vol.4, and another with WHIPSTRIKER, with outtakes from The Third Storm. More new songs are composed, and more shows happen in Southeastern Brazil, including Guaru Metal Fest with POWER FROM HELL. Original bass player SUB UMBRA does a guest appearance with the band in a special show with 2 bass players. In the same year, the first European tour with FARSCAPE and WHIPSTRIKER, going to 7 countries.

In 2015, they do some local shows and a mini-tour of Chile that gave rise to a live album released in 2018. By the end of 2015 they open to BENEDICTION.

In 2016, as the new compositions continue to develop, there are CD and vinyl re-releases of the first albums, and they are also featured on the HEADHUNTER D.C. tribute. In November, the second european tour, now with WHIPSTRIKER, this time going also to Scandinavia and UK, in a total of 10 countries.

In 2017, they tour again northeast Brazil and São Paulo and record the new album.

In 2018 the live album recorded in 2015 in Chile is finally released on LP by Hell Music and it is ironically called "Why we play such good shows? pt. 1". The new album called "THE PENTAGRAM" is released in 2018 by Hell Music (CD, Brazil) and Hell's Headbangers (CD, LP, tape, world). The release show is in SATAN'S REVENGE festival 2018 with GRAVE DESECRATOR, WHIPSTRIKER and VELHO...


Current line-up:

Leon Manssur ‘Necromaniac’– 666-string & revelations of doom
Vinícius Canabarro ‘HellPreacher’ – Ultra heavy bass overdose
Pedro Moraes Rocha ‘Skullkrusher’ – Hellish crossifre on stony graves