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Armed Mannequins

And the story goes…

Once upon a time there was a creation, the children of light, a magnificent display complete with heart, mind and soul; all in a fleshy casing. Capable of limitless possibilities and boundless heights. But the Vermin set to destroy these beauties, slowly one by one eroding them from the inside out. Spewing guile while killing their dreams and tethering them with fear and spiritual atrophy. Soon these vibrant beings became nothing more than automatons, mannequins,relegated as clones in the new age of acquiesce. Trapped in the doldrums of status quo and in the tyranny of vanity, they were purged of life and true visceral expression through reckless abandon, and accepted the perceived reality of their existence. Foolish banal chatter, worn out propaganda, tiresome rhetoric and systematic cages became the order of the day. Life for all was a bourgeois affair. While some knew there was more beyond the veneer of this mundane and prosaic existence, few dared to attempt to challenge the gate keepers. For contempt would result in persecution, rejection, and even death.

Then a brave Duo, 2 renegades with nothing to lose, set out to prove that all hope was not lost, and the unique branding given to them by El the creator could be rediscovered and spread throughout the brotherhood. In an attempt to defeat the Vermin and reveal the deception, these two were armed only with the belief that soul is greater than structure, and that truth trumps fallacy.

Some fear the edge, some play on it, the resistance leads a revolt to destroy it, so then the children of light will once again play fearlessly in the continuum of unhindered wonder. Give us your tired, give us your weak, give us your bored and we give you…….Armed Mannequins