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One of my best friends in life is "Music". When I'm worried, music gives me peace of mind.
When I'm troubled, music makes me feel just fine. Music loves me, and I love music. Being able to hear internally and then to manifest those internal inspirations in compositions is truly a blessing. Music is actually a God given gift to all. We all have the option to be appreciators of music, creators of music or both. Thank God for Music.


In the beginning there were twelve different sounds. And GOD heard these sounds, and

GOD thought that the sounds were good sounds and GOD collected all twelve sounds and

set them in order one half- step apart. GOD named the _ sounds, "THE CHROMATIC SCALE”.

GOD gave the CHROMATIC SCA LE dominion over all the universe, and each ribtone of the

CHROMATIC SCA LE was recognized when it was heard in every galaxy. But GOD saw

that the CHROMATIC SCA LE was sad, and GOD asked the CHROMATIC SCALE what was the

matter, and the answer that the CHROMATIC SCA LE gave was that it was lonely. GOD

didn't want the CHROMATIC SCA LE to be lonely so, GOD decided to take seven ribtones

from the CHROMATIC SCALE and create a DIATONIC SCA LE. GOD proclaimed in all the

universe that the CHROMATIC SCA LE and the DIATONIC would love one another and raise

many little scales, and their scales would have scales, and so on, and so on, and GOD said

that the fruit that these scales would bear would be called..... MUSIC.