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Audiot Savant

Band Line Up:
Lead Vocals- Anthony Plescia/Chris Plescia/Steve Putman
Guitar- Chris Plescia
Keyboards/Bass/Drums- Steve Putman

Once upon a time, Chris and Steve were in a band together. At one point, Steve started flying to work three time zones away, and had to leave the band. Later, they were chatting about possibly writing original songs and using the newly affordable PC studio technology to record them. So they did.

We don’t have any expectation about Audiot Savant other than we want to do something that is different and stretches ourselves as musicians and composers. Having no “stardom” illusions frees us up to go places creatively without worrying if others like it. Ultimately, you play music for yourself, so we’re taking that philosophy to the extreme.

Just was we were completing our first CD, “Work In Progress”, we thought, “now what are we going to do?” We started talking about concept albums that we loved, and came to the conclusion that we couldn’t measure up to their high standards. Steve then mentioned the idea of a thematic; a group of songs that didn’t necessarily narrate a story arc but had a common theme. We discussed a couple of ideas and came up with The Cage. We took the better part of three years working on this CD. The CD is entirely self-produced…basically two idiots in a living room. We love the fact that technology allows this now.

We’ve always been drawn to blending of musical styles, humor and virtuosity, plus the idea of not giving a damn if the public likes it. Historically, it’s been artists like The Beatles, Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, Page, Blackmore, Travers, Vaughan, and Zappa, and bands like Rush, King Crimson, and Iron Maiden. Lately, it’s mainly been one influence: Porcupine Tree – the genius of Steve Wilson.

We’re like kids that see another’s toy (or in this case, another’s composition/performance) and say, “I want one of those”. The idea being that if it made us feel a certain way, we wanted to create something that recreated that sense of pleasure for others. We’re just two middle-aged responsible adults that have a few things to say about the human condition through music. Our uniqueness stems from the fact that there are very few people in our position that still do that.

At the conclusion of The Cage, we started thinking about the future, - that we wanted to make a Rock and Roll record. Something that Kicked Ass!!! We’re still writing, still learning, still exploring, like a shark – if we stop learning, we die. We’re not ready for that yet.