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Axel Mundi

Axel Mundi, a veteran of the Sixties and Seventies social and literary counterculture in Salt Lake City, and survivor of the Nineties Seattle Music Scene, is a musician and sound artist working from his home studio in southern Utah.
In the early 1980s and in his early 30s, having reached an impasse in his inner and outer life, Axel began studying spiritual traditions of the world, particularly those of a mystical nature. This started as a quest for a meditation technique that would suit him, but before long it lead into the realm of esoteric musical knowledge as well. From the monochord and the psychological theories of Pythagoras in Greece to the Gamelan music of Indonesia and the harmonic singing of Tibet and Mongolia, Axel put together the foundation for a new approach to the music of his generation, the experimentation of the 1960s and 70s known variously as psychedelic, acid, and progressive rock.
By about 1990, he had begun experimenting with musical sound as a radical psychological tool--not through rock music at first, but with the clarinet which he had studied throughout his public school years. He soon was using a bass clarinet to create low frequency vibrations and harmonics that induced meditative states in himself and other listeners. This work led him to be part of a unique performing group called Diamond Fist Werny, which was a phenomenon in the Seattle club scene through the 1990s with its combination of amplified woodwinds, computer-driven drumming, and a singer-guitarist inspired by surf music, Native American chanting, and ecstatic vocal styles of Asia.
After the break-up of DFW, and his own personal crisis with addiction, Axel began to reinvent his music. Starting in early 2008 after the death of his partner of 25 years, and continuing non-stop until the present, Axel has been on an intense path of musical composing and recording which has resulted in over thirty CDs. He has proclaimed his intention to bring forth a new psychedelic music, combining the idioms of the past with his own spiritual realization into a personal musical statement.