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Beth Green

The story of Beth and her music is miraculous and inspiring. Until the age of 15, Beth Green was trained as a classical pianist. Then she became chronically ill and she had to stop playing, and in fact she didn't play the piano again for 58 years. Now, she is improvising on the piano as though it were second nature. She offers solo concerts and is even livestreaming a program of intuitively-guided piano improvisations every Thursday night at 7 pm Pacific time on her Facebook channel. Slowly, her music is becoming known, and she is beginning to get a following internationally. In addition, Beth and her husband "Sweet Baby" James Maynard, also in his 70s, have formed a band called Born to Play: Vocals & Keys, with James singing and Beth playing piano and keyboard. They are performing mostly original music.

How did this happen? When Beth became ill at the age of 15, it could have seemed that her life was over. For a year and a half, she was forced to stay in bed or a chair. After that she suffered from debilitation pain and fatigue. Despite her now chronic illness, Beth was intent upon a life of meaning and service, and she became a social activist, dedicated to helping alleviate suffering on the planet. Then in 1980, life took another surprising turn. At the age of 35, she had a spiritual awakening. Three years later, she discovered her amazing intuitive gifts. That changed everything.

Through her intuitive guidance, she became a counselor, teacher, workshop leader and author. Despite being housebound most of the time and in the face of chronic pain and fatigue, Beth founded a spiritual organization, offered counseling, consulting and trainings, authored six books, wrote articles and blogs and more. Despite increasing debilitation over the past few years, she has been able to use the internet to reach an ever wider audience through her vlogs and other modalities. (See more at her website: And also check out her very active Facebook page,, plus her YouTube channel, Granny Rocks TV.)

But what about music? During all those years, Beth carried a deep emotional pain about the loss of music, but she put it out of her mind. Over the years, she had tried to return to playing the piano, but to no avail. As soon as she started to practice her beloved classical music, she would become essentially crippled and had to give it up. Then technology changed her life again. In the 1990s, in her mid-fifties, she started working with the computer to create music, and she composed sporadically. In fact you can find her five albums on CD Baby, one under the name Granny Rocks. To create these albums, she would compose via the computer in an intense but short spurt of activity and then let go of trying to create music again for many years. Beyond working up some rough drafts on a digital keyboard and then editing them heavily on the computer, she couldn't play the piano, and the whole process was technologically and physically tortuous.

Then, rather suddenly, in 2018 at the age of 73, she and her husband James were intuitively guided to buy an acoustic piano. (They now have a 7-foot Shigeru Kawai SK6, which they call Celeste.) They bought the piano even though she was not sure that she could play. Two weeks later, she fell and broke her right arm at the shoulder. Ten months before, she had fallen off her drum throne, which she used for editing music, and had broken her left arm. Not withstanding all these setbacks, suddenly she was playing the piano, totally from the heart, totally from spirit, totally through improvisation. First hesitantly, and then authoritatively. Even though she is too disabled to practice, she has found that she can sit down at her piano when she feels guided, and music starts coming through her, through her hands. Beth has always done counseling and spoken and written intuitively. But now she is playing the piano the same way. And people are impacted by the music in very powerful ways.

Beth would NOT say that playing improvisational piano is a dream come true, because she never even dreamed she could play again, much less improvise. But after 58 years of not being able to play the piano at all, she discovered that she can play much more easily if she improvises instead of trying to meet the expectations of classical piano music. So now, she does just that. She just sits down, improvises and music flows through her. She's just inspired. And when she has an audience, she finds that the music that flows through her truly connects deeply to those who are listening. Her intuition is now guiding her again, but now through music.

Check out her website:, where you'll find out about all her offerings. Check on CD Baby for information about her 5 albums of original music. Follow her Facebook page, where she livestreams commentary every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 pm Pacific time. The show is called GROW (Granny Rocks Our World). You you can also tune into Dreams of Peace Improvisational Piano, a that is broadcast every Thursday night at 7 pm Pacific. All this is at

And subscribe to her YouTube channel: Granny Rocks TV. ( There you can find lots of Beth's videos, both music and the spoken word.

By the way, if you are wondering, Beth also creates her own videos and many of her own album covers. She just follows her guidance.

Get acquainted with Beth, her music, her message and many personal services designed to help you. You can also contact her at Thank you.