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Biodynamic Quantum Healing

Founded by Lorraine Wright, together with friend and colleague, Mary Whyte, Biodynamic Quantum Healing is a growing and continuously developing vibrational healing method, which takes ground-breaking scientific research and transforms it into a practical healing solution. By making vibrational adjustments in space and time, they effect positive change and transformation in their clients, not only in the physical body, but also in the mental and emotional areas. They are continuously channelling new information, which together with advances in medical science means that their healing is a constantly developing art form.

Mary is also the founder of Crystal Light UK supplying life-changing, channelled, transformational essences to support their healing work. Her essences are unique in the essence world, combining not only flower and tree essences, but also crystals, channelled homeopathic remedies, and channelled information from the higher realms, such as angels, the Elohim and ascended masters.

They believe in practical solutions for complicated issues, and treat a wide variety of conditions, from mental health problems, autistic spectrum disorders and behavioural issues, to more physical problems such as Alzheimers, arthritis, digestive disorders and diabetes. They have clients world-wide and their healing is offered through telephone consultations.

The meditations you will hear have been channelled by Mary specifically for these albums. Meditations are a significant part of their spiritual self-development workshops, which quantum leap the transformational process for those who attend them. On the final day of their three day workshops, Lorraine Wright and Mary Whyte teach participants quantum healing techniques, working through both space and time, which encourage them to take control of their own lives and which move them beyond the self-limiting boundaries of the mind. Lorraine and Mary show them how to identify, heal and transcend old patterns and beliefs; change attitudes and perceptions; and attract in new energies and alternate realities, leading to success and fulfillment.

Research indicates that people who meditate on a daily basis are better able to cope with stress, age at a slower rate, lead more fulfilled lives, and are less prone to developing serious illness.

All the Biodynamic Quantum Healing meditations feature the beautiful, relaxing music of Symbiosis.

For more information on Biodynamic Quantum Healing, their self-development workshops, the transformational essences, Into The Light, Calm in Motion and other Crystal Light UK essences, please go to their website.

If you are interested in learning what a healing session could do for you, please contact either Mary or Lorraine. Their contact details are on the website.

Peace and blessings to you all.