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Brett Houston

A native Texan and great, great nephew of legendary Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp (on his mother's side) Brett decided it'd be more fun to be a guitar slinger than a gun slinger, even though he is a great shot. (He once took down a bowling pin at 300 yards with a single shot...)

For fun Brett enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, backpacking, Jeepin, creating/building things, destroying stuff and practical jokes.

A versatile musician, Brett was formally educated in classical composition and is well-versed in all forms of contemporary music. His first instrument at age 8 was guitar, though he would have to wait years later to develop his talent on that instrument. He was given 2 guitars for Christmas that year, one by his Mother, the other by his Father and thinking he wouldn't need two he traded the one for a tool set. Unfortunately, he ended up needing that second guitar after all when he accidently broke the other one over his younger brother's head. Ironically the tool set proved to be of no value in helping with the repair. His brother went on to live a normal, happy life, well, sort of....

He was taught to play the trumpet at age eleven by his father, an accomplished trumpet player. Surrounded by music growing up; Brett's older brother played drums and his sister played violin and flute, though not at the same time.

In High School, (after realizing that trumpet players really don't get the chicks) Brett picked up the guitar again and bought a pair of leather pants. He would later get disqualified from the talent show for smashing his friends guitar on stage, he realized maybe he should stop smashing guitars.

After High School Brett started his own production company in Dallas Texas called Houston Imagery Productions (1987-1994) and did commercial photography, audio and video work for clients like FOX (On The Line, Monday Night Sports, Hot Tickets, US Country on The Road, Nochas Latinos), CBS (Dallas Cowboys football) , The Movie Channel (Joe Bob Brigg's Drive-In News), Bank One, Runner Triathlete News and Health and Fitness Magazine. He also worked as associate producer for a few shows for Fox's mid-day talk show "On The Line".

In 1990 Brett decided to go to back to school and study music. He ended up doing 4 years at this cool place called Richland College in Dallas. There he studied music composition, theory and performance with this awesome professor named Dr. Jerry Wallace, (aka God). In addition, Brett studied recording engineering at CCC college.

After completing his studies at Richland, Brett decided to go study in Paris (1994) at the Paris Conservatory, well, long story, but that didn't really work out so he studied with French composers Joelle Pflieger and Francois Hughes Leclerc in Strasbourg.

As a side project, Brett formed the eclectic music group "Midnite Radio" and got caught up in a wave of unexpected success. He took time off from his studies to write, record, and perform. Midnite Radio toured all over the world performing in shows at respected venues like "The Orange" in London, "La Fleche D'or" in Paris, and "CBGB'S" in New York. The group was featured regularly on "MCM" (voted Europe's best music video channel) and received radio airplay throughout Europe and the U.S.

After a U.S. tour went horribly wrong and the band self-destructed he decided to move back to the U.S. (1997) and pursue his original ambition of creating music for film and television. Brett moved to Los Angeles to launch his career and build his studio. He created music for the European television show "Fashion City" featuring Natasha Henstridge, the American show "Grass Root Racing" hosted by Kim Psesser, the independent film "Conceits and Projections" by director Matt Hendersen as well as the self-produced mountain biking short "Crackerheads".

Recently, Brett finished work on his new creation "SoniScape", a natural sound-masking track. You can get more info at

Additionally, he enjoys working part-time as music director for Vista Del Mar, a treatment center/school for "special needs" teens. He created a music program there with a full recording studio to teach songwriting, band, choir and recording as well as individual lessons. One of his kids groups, Sgt Crunch, which he produced and co-wrote songs with, performed in a concert at Vista featuring Ray Manzarek, (keyboardist for The Doors).

Sheila E. (Prince, Ringo Star) and Lynn Mabry (George Clinton's P-Funk, Brides of Funkenstein, and Talking Heads) who created the Elevate Hope Foundation, have chosen Vista's music program as their beneficiary and are supporting the program with a generous donation of recording workstations. They also helped renovate the studio. Other generous donors who contributed to the studio include Dave Koz, Patrick London, the Guitar Center, Native Instruments, Ringo Starr, Drum Workshop, and Line 6 as well as many anonymous private parties.

Summer 2009, Brett and the Vista Vocal Group performed a few songs he arranged with The E Family (Sheila E, Pete Escovedo, and brothers, Juan and Peter Michael) at Vista's first Jazz Fest concert benefiting the agency.

Brett is currently working on a new roots based solo album to be released in the spring. He enjoys the challenge of every new project and is constantly breaking new ground.