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Brian Donald

Faith. Family. Passion.

All of these are key building blocks for a life, let alone an artist and they’re qualities that up and coming Urban Gospel artist, Brian Donald, possesses in spades.

Brian’s musical journey began like most playing in school bands up through high school while, along the way, his mother provided him with toy organs and Casio keyboards that further fueled his play and his skills. At the age of ten, he even took to doing a “poor man’s multi-tracking” with two cassette recorders. This passion for innovation, and gadgets, would stick with the artist in the years to come.

His father, a jazz musician who played piano, drums, and bass, also provided a keen influence. Storing all of his equipment right in the living room, his father provided the budding artist with plenty of easy access where, at the age of fourteen, Brian began recording a series of “living room tapes,” fueled by his father’s purchase of a drum machine.

Church also played a large role in the young artist’s life as well. Being raised in his home church, Macedonia Baptist Church of Detroit, currently pastored by his uncle Pastor Charles D. Twymon, and being led to Christ at the age of nine by his grandmother left Brian with a lasting impact, one that has colored his life ever since, influencing his music greatly.

Fueled by musical influences as diverse as Prince, Kirk Franklin, Deitrick Haddon, and more, Brian’s taken his talents, honed to an even keener edge while performing with his church singing group, Men Up, and used them to develop New Life.

Featuring twelve new tracks, including modified remastered versions of “Crazy,” “He’s Alive,” and “To The Cross,” Brian does it all, writing and performing all the parts himself, vocally and instrumentally, drawing upon his influences, creating a sound that offers up elements of 80’s funk, R&B, pop, and techno with modern sensibilities as well.

With a heartbeat and appreciation of music that acknowledges the art form’s entertainment appeal but also it’s deeper value, Brian keeps his focus on those deeper elements. He’s out to create the best art possible, for sure, but his ultimate aim is that listeners hear and know of his belief that “Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins, rose from the grave with all power, sits at the right hand of the Father, and will return.”

Brian Donald lives and believes those truths and on New Life, he invites listeners to do the same.