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Brian Taguchi

One of Kingston's winter sons, Brian Taguchi spent his winter indoor-hobby time learning, playing, writing, recording and mixing music in the basement with his friends and Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, RHCP, Neil Young, CSNY, Phish, The Cure, Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens. And late in the night after a full day of work, the basement is still the cathedral of catharsis in his house. Being a reflective lad, Brian's music sounds like this: Introspective, linear in narrative, emphatic and punctuated, fun, ambitiously over-compensating at times, and usually walking the line between unbridled musical ambition and complete uncertainty.

2013 was a banner year - Fuselage (originally released in 1998) was given a sonic facelift with the help of Zane Whitfield at North of Princess, with a few songs substituted but otherwise using original tracks. This mish-mash of "Bri-plays-everything, and not particularly well" songs was originally recorded in 4 days, and most of the songs were written or finished at that time. Inspired by snarling Les Pauls plugged in to Marshall amps at some points, other songs are throw-backs to the wooden music of the early 70s, the harmonies of CSN, the acoustic chunkiness of Neil Young, and the odd measure of Sloan, Radiohead and Phish.

In 2000, the next album was recorded (in a basement and in four days); Songs From the Lone Adelie. Many of the songs on this album were developed further and re-recorded in a Guelph basement in 2005, so in the redux (again, with some help from Zane) is called "Songs For The Lone Adelie" and the heavy-hitters are Beam, Mend, The Whipper, Pipe and Not Like This. A refined and highly varied set of tracks, there are many voices and therefore each track has a different focus; drowning, getting mad at the neighbour for breaking your balls, tapping in to the pipe that takes fresh water past your house and up to the wealthy neighbours, arriving home to your ex who came to visit from the other side of Canada, being trapped by a dangerous man in Morocco, etc. Lots of stories here.

Finally, a new "live of the floor" solo album (OK, there are a couple overdubs, and 2 songs we recorded the parts entirely separately) was recorded on April 15th at Zane's place. "...By Blunt Winter Sun" is a collection of songs written in just this context - in the darkest part of winter. Laden with uncertainty, regret and longing, the double-amped guitars and prodding vocals are sweetest on Accidental Suicide (a tragic song about someone who didn't make it out of their rut).

Happy listening - Bri