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Capitano Merletti

Capitano Merletti
Music for Lovers & Aliens

Capitano Merletti is an Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, best known as singer and guitarist of Maya Galattici and Chinasky. His music can generally be defined as psychedelic rock, neofolk and indie pop but he also mix in elements from retro Italian sondtracks, electronica, noise, twee pop, experimental and many other musical styles.
He produces and plays almost all of his own music. His home recording technique gives his music a very original sound.
Capitano Merletti's influences range from Syd Barrett to Beck. He realized the video of his first single “Mutations” with the indipendent video maker Luigi Tadiotto (Liquid & Solid Productions).
His first solo Album is called “Watch out for Satellites and Asteroids” (Garage Records)
His second album is called: “Shortwaves from the U.F.O Channel” (Pipapop Records)
Songs, lyrics and music by Capitano Merletti,
except for “Morning Dream (Wintertime Love Version)” lyrics by Rosita Kèss,
Written and performed by Capitano Merletti.
Engineered, recorded and mixed by Capitano Merletti at Studio Garp,
Venice, Italy.
Additional recording and arrangements by Dnezzar.
Mastered by Capitano Merletti at Studio Garp, Venice, Italy.
Layout by Veronica Tondato.

Chinasky “Hot Sounds & Remastered Polp Music” 2002
Chinasky “Great Taste Hits” 2004
Chinasky “The Lost Tapes” 2006
Chinasky “Third Untitled Album” 2010
Maya Galattici “ Analogic Signals from the Sun” 2011
Maya Galattici “ Waiting new Halley” Ep 2012
Maya Galattici “Live in Radio Capodistria” 2013
Maya Galattici “ Exogen Tantra” 2015
DonnaKatya feat. Capitano Merletti “Love on Tape” 2013
Capitano Merletti “Mutations” Single 2013
Capitano Merletti “Watch Out for Satellites and Asteroids” 2016
Capitano Merletti “Shortwaves from the U.F.O Channel" 2018


Pipapop Website:


Terence (Black Hole Version) -
Mutations -
On High Hills (Live) -
Behind Asteroids -

Videos with Chinasky & Maya Galattici

“Upper Street Tour” Live in London with Chinasky,
An indipendent film by Michele and Katya Scarpulla

“Love on Tape” DonnaKatya feat. Capitano Merletti 2013
by Katya Scarpulla, Federica Altoè, Michela Casagrande

“iKILLTheMAchine” Maya Galattici 2015
by Luigi Tadiotto, Liquid&Solid Productions