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Capt'n Tor & the Naer-Do-Well Cads Pirate Invasion

Capt'n Tor is the immensely talented, generously moustached, and outlandishly roguish Pirate Capt'n of the Good Ship 'Squidlips'.

Capt'n Tor is Eastern Ontario's only full-time Pirate Entertainer and is considered the foremost authority on all that is Pirate-Related in these parts and mayhap the whole of Canada! No one is better at dreaming up new ways to have zany crazy fun than him!
The Capt'n plays no less than 12 different pyratical celtic instruments - a treasured troubadour !

The Capt'n leads a band of talented Players, Troubadours, and Thespians called 'Capt'n Tor & the Naer-Do-Well Cads Pirate Invasion' , performing both all-ages and adult-oriented venues for whomever has the gold ta entice them!

Band Members include:

Capt'n Tor - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Drums & Percussion
Gwenyvarr Blackshades Lovelocket - Vocals, Percussion, and Fiddle
Aureana Argentium - Vocals
Staggerin Skullinbone - Vocals, 12-String Guitar
Dark Dirk Shivers - Vocals, Mandolin

The music they sing ranges from the children-friendly to racy bawdy sea shanties, with a full Celtic Folk sound and lilting melodies that are at home in a pub-like atmosphere. Capt'n Tor offers something for everyone ta dance and sing-along to!

Check us out at or our Facebook page to join our mailing list, to join Capt'n Tor's Boarding Party, to find out when and where we will be coming into port ta perform, and - of course - buy our crazy brand of musical pirate mayhem on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and other download sites!!


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