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Carlos Lomas

Drawing inspiration from years spent in Malaga, and in Madrid where he has worked with the finest of Spain's singers, dancers and musicians, his special technical skills combined with an exciting musical temperament have earned Carlos Lomas the respect and admiration of flamenco guitarists around the world.

A superb presenter of flamenco, Carlos Lomas employs a precision of technique combined with the fresh harmonies and complex syncopations of the traditional Spanish structures. This artistic relationship is the vital key in Carlos Lomas' playing. He has exceptional skill and is a dynamic inventive musician whose artistry and magnetism have an astounding impact on his listeners. In addition to his remarkable inventiveness, Carlos Lomas plays with an inherent respect for the emotional and cultural heritages of traditional flamenco forms.

Re: FLAMENCO GUITAR IMPROVISATIONS "Carlos Bond Lomas is an outstanding guitarist within the modern school of flamenco. His approach to the music employs a precision of technique pioneered by the brilliant Sabicas and by Mario Escudero, combined with fresh harmonies and complex syncopations within the traditional rhythmic structure. The leading proponent of this modern style is the phenomenal Paco de Lucia, whose influence can be sensed in several of Lomas' selections. This artistic relationship -- personal as well as musical -- is an important key to Lomas playing. But it should be stressed that Lomas is never an imitator or a derivative player. His personal creativity is the vital element in his music and it lends a uniquely personal stamp to all of his interpretations.

In addition to his remarkable inventiveness, Lomas displays a keen sensitivity to the real significance of the individual flamenco forms. He respects their emotional and cultural contexts, so that deep and serious styles retain their profundity, while the lighter forms get an appropriately appealing rendition. His use of multi-track recording and additional instrumentation -- confined to those styles which can benefit from these modern techniques -- lends an extra dimension..."
-Brook Zern, 1976

Re: CHOCOLATE, "Flamenco has transformed itself again into one of the most popular musical genres in the world. There has always been turbulent relationship between the traditionalists and the innovators of this art. This fame has motivated many foreign ‘aficionados’ to fall in love with the guitar and that some of them have become magnificent concert artists. Carlos Lomas, originally from the USA, is one of those authentic cases and even though having been in Spain for only seven years has become a consumate the flamenco aficionado this album is an example of moments that can always remain fresh and endure in time without aging because they are in themselves "eternal" "
Gonzolo Rojo's "Oido al Cante" Sur de Malaga, Spain

Re: ADELANTE, "A fascinating album, originally released in 1984 after several years of recording, that features musicians from Pakistan, Egypt, Spain, North and South America, all anchored by Lomas's flamenco guitar and oud playing. With all that has happened since, this album remains not only a landmark, but also a very exciting listen, with a freshness and intensity undulled by the many similar experiments that have come after"
-Guillermo Juan Christie, Flamenco Connection

“’Adelante’ reveals the astounding vision of Carlos Lomas, the remarkable energy, synchronicity and respective talents of the broad array of other fine musicians who joined him, and the gifted hand of Lance Quinn at the controls.… I will leave it to the historians to decide whether this is in fact the first true flamenco/world music recording ever made, though I believe it deserves that accolade.. In the nearly three decades since it was made, flamenco has evolved to admit an endless array of influences and it continues to enter new territory each year. The concept of fusion pioneered by my friend Carlos Lomas, is now the dominant force in flamenco and has found new audiences and millions of admirers around the world…
I think this long-overdue reissue – essentially unchanged from the original – deserves belated recognition as a monumental event in flamenco…”
-Brook Zern, 2007

Re: CARLOS LOMAS LIVE IN CONCERTS "A sizable audience came to hear him and cheered his performance enthusiastically--the poetry, soul, and passion of flamenco guitar--raw energy--what flamenco is developing into"

-The New York Times

"His exciting performance had the vitality and innovation that seems to be today's and tomorrow's direction in flamenco music"

-The Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society

"Besides his rich repetoire and mastery of the instrument, Mr. Lomas is an outstanding performer. He has the great gift of knowing just how to make his music accessible to an audience."

-Philip Arnoult, Director Theatre Project, Baltimore,MD

Re: CARLOS LOMAS FLAMENCO GUITAR "The experience in working in traditional flamenco settings is unmistakeably present in the solo work of guitarist Carlos Lomas. His unerring sense of compas, and the musty flavor of real flamenco permeate his music to an extent that is rare in guitarists these days, and even more so guitarists outside of Spain. Recommended."

-Guillermo Juan Christie, Flamenco Connection