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Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed is a popular Americana trio from Bandon, Oregon The threesome features tight 3-part vocal harmony and flashy instrumental breaks.. They have performed in many festivals, brew pubs and coffee houses throughout Oregon. They have appeared in concert with Dustbowl Revival and Lil Smokies.
Caught Red Handed Reviews:
"These boys know how to pick more than locks" - County Sheriff
"You catch 'em and I'll make 'em sing!" - FBI Agent
"Approach with caution...they're packin' banjos" - Police Dispatch
"You get the beer...I'll get the rope!" - Town Deputy
"I know what yer thinkin'...did he play 5 strings or 6?" - Constable on Patrol

Here are their likely stories:
Mike Dado - Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals and songwriter
After playing guitar and bass in numerous rock bands in the 60's and 70's, Mike quit the music scene to concentrate on family. In 2000 he picked up where he left off, writing songs and playing guitar, this time in the Americana-Bluegrass vein. He lives in North Bend, Oregon with his wife Cayrol and dog Morty. He currently serves as the Coos County Surveyor.

Kenny Croes - Acoustic guitar, u-bass, banjo, vocals and songwriter
His first musical influences were C&W artists on "Cousin Herb Henson's Tradin' Post", a 1/2-hour show that aired daily on a local TV station in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. Later on, folk music swayed his musical direction. As a single act, he's opened for Jackson Browne, Tim Weisberg, and Mary McCaslin. He lives in Bandon-By-The-Sea, Oregon with his wife Joyce and their cat Roley.

Bob Shaffar - Dobro, fiddle and vocals
Bob took up the fiddle in the mid-80's. He's been an active member of the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association since then. Bob began playing the Dobro in 1999. He's the winner of the prestigious Bill Yohey Award given to outstanding accompanists. Bob is also in demand as a "hired gun" for several festivals and bands throughout Oregon.