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CBD Da General Press Kit

Cbd Da General

Someone once wrote “The key to a great artist is that for reasons unknown, he will give away his energies and his life just to make sure that one note follows another... and leaves us with the feeling that something is right in the world.” Such can be said of CBD, an Atlanta based performer who captures you at first listen; his music contains a distinctive Caribbean appeal that instantly reveals his roots and a potent lyrical power. With deep roots in a Caribbean nation, the hip-hop artist known as CBD has successfully infused his reggae appeal and energy into hip-hop music without smothering his powerful lyrics.
On his new album,Outside Da Box, from which these two singles, Valentine's Day & No Matta Wha Gwan, derives, one can hear the emotional intensity of each note as CBD tackles the timeless and universal themes of love, friendship, strife,loss and determination in the face of all life delivers.
Adopting the name CBD (Cool But Deadly), Alister Beckles emerged as a formidable opponent to any established emcee.
Born in Georgetown Guyana, a small country known as the Place where the Caribbean meets South America, Beckles infuses his roots and Caribbean accent to lend flavor and authenticity to his music. Beckles traveled from New York to California in 1993 and began working seriously on his recording career. CBD used his energy and brash analytical lyrics to enhance and spice up projects such as "Where The Tye", by Boxxsir, released in 1995, “Neighborhood Clic,” self titled, released in 1996 and "Gold Fe Sho" with his group O.H.C, released in 1997 on the California label Big House Records and "Secrete Indictment" by Boxxsir, released in 2002 by Atlanta based label, Strong Arm Entertainment. After getting his feet wet by collaborating with other artists CBD decided to step out on his own.
Instead of just trying to get a recording contract, CBD has been connecting with the streets of the heart of the south-eastern region; releasing underground mix-tapes, finding the right music and building the right alliances. CBD is finding his audience in the best way possible; through heartfelt, intensely personal music that can strike a chord with anyone and through a steady stream of performances throughout Atlanta, GA.
The foundation of CBD’s music is a sound compromised of a distinctly accented voice and superior lyrical skill that will refresh audiences that have become bored with typical elementary flows.

CBD Da General is a hot Caribbean American artist, with an excellent blend of styles and cultures.
Once again CBD proves his versatility with this hot new single, “Leh We Go”. This song tells you that success is promised to no one. With all the stress, strife, and struggles of every day life, everyone needs to go out and strive hard to be successful. And once achieved, defend it with all that your heart, soul, and might. You will be pleasantly surprise after listening to his music. You will become an instant fan if you aren’t already one. The genre can be categorized as Caribbean/HipHop. As promised in our slogan, we’re, "Bringing the World a New Breed of Artist and a Different Style of Music".