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I've always loved and played music, so when the outlet I worked for closed up and I got laid off from my job in 1991 through redundancy & then 3 years later got put on a state disability support pension in 1994 for a brocken back, after a lifetime in the building and soft furnishings trade, I sort of couldn't sit still, so I threw everything into my music. I lived alone in my own house out in the Australian wildness and would play and sing, play and sing for hours upon hours every day of the week for many, many years, and only driving into town to get supplies just once a week, sometimes just every 2 weeks when my pension check got paid, and after many, many years of isolation & of being in town in all of that time, just once every 1 or 2 weeks, it was very tempting (when in town just picking up supplies) to hang around, get drunk, you know, get laid or even find a wife, but no, my driving force was always my music and I'd simply head back home through the mountains towards the end of the day when the getting of all the supplies was done, and stay single. I was married to my music of singing, playing and writing songs, alone for a stretch that lasted around 10 years, when except for in town again and having a coffee in a main street cafe, my future wife came up and sat right down at the table, being the only table that had just me, as all the others were taken and full of people, and we just talked and talked, made dates to see each other again, and that was it, she was also a musician and we got married 9 months later. I met her when I was on the verge of finishing my 1st album in the recording studio when she came along, got involved, got herself onto my 1st album named "Wild Spirit" and for the next 5 years we toured the world, met some great people in Ireland with us all playing music together, and with me writing the songs and us both putting out a further 5 albums, making 6 in all, we split and followed different musical careers after 7 beautiful years together. That was in late 2009, so for almost the next 10 years I've been living in Asia with a new wife. I still play music, and now, am just seeing where these 6 albums will take me and my Celtic Warrior Music, and hopefully, most people in general will like what I've created. Slainte, mo chara, TAL