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Chad Kichula

In order to succeed at anything in life it takes dedication and sacrifice—singer/songwriter Chad Kichula knows this first hand. He works full-time cutting and pruning trees by day as the owner of a forestry company, and spends nights cutting soul stirring tracks.

It took awhile for Chad to learn to balance his passion with what pays the bills. Having written and recorded music since 1999, it was not until Chad sold his truck in 2005 to pay for his debut album, that he was able to get his music out to the masses. Chad’s self titled debut was an Americana/Roots-Rock album that showcased his development as a songwriter. Songs like "Sierra Leone” showed he could craft lyrics and tell a story—just as his inspirations Springsteen and Earle had.

By early 2008 Chad's head was flooded with fresh material. It had been three years since his last full-length album release and time had come to set down the chainsaw and head back into the studio. The result would be Runners in the Night. Released in early 2009, it contained a mix of new material and cuts off the EP World Shaker. Runners in the Night was a collision of emotion and energy molded perfectly together in a tapestry of tales about the working class. In songs such as “Restless Man” and “Crying in the Rain”, Springsteen's influence on Kichula shines through yet again. The title song shows just how refined Chad's storytelling had become. “I guess it is people trying to do their best against the odds that inspires me,” says Chad. “The human spirit that seems to rise above the darkness that tries to envelop them.”

After another lengthy break Chad came back with Killer in early January 2011. Ironically the recording of the song began within weeks of the release of Runners, but it would take almost two years to complete. Choosing not to record in a studio, Chad and his co-producer Matt Kaip (Chad Kichula, and Better in the Morning) removed restrictions allowing them to experiment a lot. The result of which, captures raw performances and their most creative productions

In 2012 A Fire was released, a tribute to the blue-collar life. Immediately afterwards the The Whale’s Back sessions began. With a busier schedule as that of his bandmates, the process took a while to complete. Although Kichula’s previous releases have all had elements of country music, The Whale’s Back will be his debut alt-country album.

Although Chad is still working a very physical and demanding job to support his music he is not complaining. It seems like a way of life after all these years—the working side and the creative side combining to make the best artist possible.