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Children of Rain

The contemporary folk group Children of Rain, originally a trio with Pam Meacham and her brother Denis, along with Alan Ross, recorded from 1966 through ’67. The group whittled down to the duo of Pam and Alan shortly before Dot Records released the group’s 45 rpm single “Get Together” (45-16868) in the spring of 1966, which preceded the Youngbloods’ initial release of the same song by a year. Denis Meacham continued to write and play on other Children of Rain studio sessions during the group’s brief tenure, including Pam and Alan’s Philips Records release under their new name Ross Legacy (“Makes You Wanna Sigh”) in 1969.

In addition, three song collections of Children of Rain original material were produced on acetate: at Dick Charles studio, Olmsted Recording, and Delta Recording Corp. As the group was to discover 51 years later, at least one of their Delta Recording Corp. acetates survived, winding up in an online record store in Roselle, Illinois.

The acetate was purchased in March 2017 by British music journalist Robert Cochrane, renowned for unearthing "quality obscura," who was attracted to the record by the poetically melancholic name of the group.

“It turned out to be a real find,” says Cochrane. In his Sept. 2017 article on the group for, Cochrane notes: "They possess...a stunning back-bone of considered song-craft. Had they fared better at the hands of time, they would now undoubtedly be revered as innovators.”