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Chris Klein Overzero

In the late sixties Chris started writing songs as soon as he picked up a guitar (which is probably why I never learned to play the instrument properly). Every time he learned a new chord it seemed to suggest a melody and then a song. Finishing the song always seemed more important than practicing.

During the seventies while Chris was at Watford Art School, Brian Eno gave occasional lectures there about his solo projects and the philosophy behind them, setting the idea in the students' minds of recorded music being as much an art form as a painting.

In '79 Chris finally got his act together to join/form L'Age D'Or as a vehicle for his songs. In the days of the New Romantics they decided to distinguish themselves by describing their music as Post Modernist - "Pretentious? Nous? Nah, not us mate." They developed a small following and had a run of close calls and near misses, but never quite managed to clinch that ever important deal. After four years they went the way of all tempestuous relationships and parted company, but still remained good friends.

After that Chris continued writing and recording his own stuff until by '85 he finally got that long awaited publishing deal. Great! Sorted, or so he thought. A few weeks later the owner did a runner owing a large number of zeros and the company went incommunicado, leaving him with an albatross round his neck for the following two years.

Fortunately, at about the same time, he started writing and singing with Bruce Boardman and his Band. When he first met Bruce in 1970 they found that their musical tastes had one very important thing in common: they were eclectic. Bruce was primarily interested in blues, jazz and classical; Chris was drawn towards pop, rock and something for which he didn't really have a name but knew that he'd know it when he heard it. Somewhere in between they found a large area of common ground. Chris learned a tremendous amount from Bruce about composition, harmony and music theory as he delighting in pouring all this amazing information into his head - he was a true friend and a natural teacher.

In the late '80's Chris put music on the back burner for a while and resumed painting - unfortunately it stayed there for twenty years. He wrote a few more songs but didn't record them and only played with friends on rare occasions.

Around the turn of the century he found the focus of his attention changing from painting to digital art - he wanted to see what kind of difference a computer made to the creative process. In 2006 he moved beyond the idea of an artwork being a copy of a painting and decided to create a website as a work of art in itself. The name for this site was a natural progression from the series he had produced over the previous years - "overcurrent" and "overdrive". He was making notes for a series called "oversight" then the word just appeared in his head "overzero" as a perfect description of the world as it stood at that moment. He built the site without really knowing what it would be about - "Build it and they will come", he thought (the ideas, that is). Photographs, poems, thoughts, observations and above all, song lyrics became the content. Songs he had written years ago and new songs he was starting to write. He knew that he wanted to record them but it wasn't until May 2009 that he re-acquired sufficient equipment and began.

"So here it is", says Chris, "Overzero - Beyond Nothing, the album. At the moment it's the soundtrack to the website, but I'd like it to be a soundtrack to something else. A soundtrack to a change in values, a change in society, a soundtrack to peoples lives, to the Naissance d'un Siècle. It's not intended as a reproduction of any performance, but as a piece of four dimensional artwork documenting what goes through my mind as I watch the the future unfold."

When asked about his influences he replied, "In a way I feel like I've had too many influences. Whenever I hear a piece which really moves me I get this overwhelming feeling of "Oh my God, I wish I'd written that!". It's hard to know if I've written anything unique, new or different when everything reminds me of what someone else has already done. One day I'll stop looking at the giants' shoulders and actually try standing on them. That's the trouble with feeling forever young: there's always tomorrow. I could be kicking the lid and still not believe it's over. That can't be a bad thing, can it?

These are some of the books I was reading while building the Overzero site. They set ideas in my mind which then percolated through to my own work in the same way that my favourite music becomes embedded and then slowly filters through: High Rise, Empire of the Sun - J.G.Ballard, Riddley Walker - Russell Hoban, 1984 - George Orwell, Brave New World - Aldous Huxley, The Time Machine - H.G.Wells, England England - Julian Barnes, Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury, Time's Arrow, Einstein's Monsters - Martin Amis, Knots - R.D.Laing."

After completing the 'Beyond Nothing' album, his second album was interrupted half way through by an emergency hospital admission in 2011 to remove a large infectious mass from his brain. By the time he was discharged, nearly a month later, he had regained the use of his left hand and gradually resumed working on his next project. Travelling to London regularly for scans and consultants appointments gave this second album the focal point, and the title he was looking for.

'C U IN LONDON' is soon to be released following the final re-mastering.