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Christelle Frazer

Christelle Frazer is a worshiper after God's presence and power, and its manifestation and transformation. She desires to see the great work and miracle of deliverance God began in her, passed on to others in greater measures.

Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire), she grew up in a Christian home, and is the 4th of six children (first female). She was named Christelle after a prophetic word was given while in the womb that she would serve God. From a young age, her family had entered her into choirs to develop the gift of worship God had placed in her, attending church wasn't a choice. Due to conflicts and war, Christelle's family was concerned for their safety and came to find refuge in Canada in 1997 after the genocide. Due to various circumstances beyond the control of her family, her father, and 3 of her brothers had to stay back and follow in the months to come. The few months turned into 10 years. During this time, Christelle encountered many difficulties integrating in a new culture as a teenager, having a language barrier, living with her mother, oldest brother and younger sister away from her father and brothers. These struggles led her to make many decisions on her own, in aims to find acceptance from others and fill a void; decisions which slowly began to wear her down and away from God.

It wasn't until 2007 that her life took a different turn. Her father called one early morning in February to announce that he was now able to come and be reunited with the family and was overjoyed. That same evening, she received a phone call that her father was murdered. Unable to attend his funeral, her hidden struggles gave birth to numerous difficulties such as depression, rejection and suicide. After several unexplained failed attempts to end her life, Christelle finally accepted her mother's offer to join her at her weekly prayer meeting. It was there that God encountered her life, and spoke to her by way of prophecy through someone, answering all her questions she would ask God each time before she tried to take her life. This moment was enough for her to know that indeed God was real and alive, that he heard her, knew her secrets, saw her tears, and loved her despite her mess. No one at that meeting knew her inner struggles except for God. This catapulted Christelle to go after this God, to spend countless hours in the word and find out who He was, why He cared so much about her, that was the beginning of her journey of transformation.

Since then, Christelle has devoted her entire life to Jesus Christ. She joined the choir at her then local church, leading worship songs week to week in English, French, Lingala, and Swahili for 4 years until He placed her as a worship leader at a new upcoming church for a few months. She has also sung back up for different worship groups, and organizations. During that time, she attended University as an undergrad, double majoring in communication and humanity studies, and also uploaded numerous videos on her then youtube page sharing and reading the word of God as He had called her to. But all of that had to be put on hold. In 2011, Christelle married her phenomenal husband Jermaine Frazer, and from there became parents to three daughters and a son. Christelle has since reunited with her family.

It is now that God has revived the visions He gave Christelle at her conversion of worship and deliverance ministry. By baptising her in the Holy Spirit, and giving her worship songs through visions, dreams, and simple devotion times. Christelle has had 3 supernatural encounters with Jesus Himself, encouraging her to release these songs He has given her. Thus the journey begins. With great zeal and passion, Christelle is determined to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and to give Him alone all the glory. Her life is a true testimony that God can turn around any situation by surrendering and living a life of obedience to His word. Her mission is simply to prepare the way for Jesus' soon glorious return.