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Compassion started back in 1996 with the founding of another band “ the Crushed”. The founder Jurgen Martin Johann Toonen, currently living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, had the inspiration to write music in many different styles: Rock, Reggae, Wave, Ballads, Metal, Hard Rock. Alternative Rock and Blues. The synthesis of the lead singer Elisabeth Corsten and Jurgen led to an interesting sound combination of new wave/alternative Rock. The song "On the Wings of Clouds" didn’t fit this sound concept. The band existed until 2002. Between 2002 and 2012 Jurgen didn’t produce any music. In 2012 he started to write music again which lead to the birth of Compassion in 2016. Compassion was more upbeat and less gloomy than the sound of the Crushed, so " On the Wings of Clouds" was a perfect fit. With Compassion Jurgen is working on an album, but as “On the Wings of Clouds was produced earlier, we decided to release this song already. It is written in 1993 and recorded in 1997 at the “Jacobi Berg” studios in Arnhem. We from Compassion, Jurgen Toonen and Elisabeth Corsten, could not wait any longer. We hope others will enjoy it too... The future will bring more of course. The old “the Crushed” songs will be released too in due time. Well that is the plan. A long awaited, exciting journey has started.