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Conjunto Guantánamo

Conjunto Guantánamo - Sizzling Ambassadors of Cuban Folklore - have arrived with a freshly interpreted, classic Afro-Cuban sound. Lively percussion, pounding syncopated bass lines, brazenly exotic trumpet melodies, uninhibited improvisation and the sultry, sexy, dynamic lead vocal of Pepito Gomez positively scorch in a variety of vintage and original compositions. Conjunto Guantánamo unite the precision and cadence of traditional Afro-Cuban music with the raw energy and edge of New York City’s unique nightlife. Conjunto Guantánamo brings you the origins and essence of what music lovers today mostly know as Salsa.

Conjunto Guantánamo's soulful sound is layered with authentic Cuban swing and sophisticated influences like "el barbaro" Benny More, Arsenio Rodriguez, Roberto Fáz, and Miguelito Cuní. Playing authentic traditional rhythms like Son Montuno, Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo and Rumba with contemporary energy, their performances sometimes transition into extended experimental descargas -- a type of improvisational jam session -- using musical motifs straight from the streets of Havana and Matanzas, combined with the very spirit of New York City.

Since Conjunto Guantánamo was founded in 2003, they’ve become highly visible on the NYC nightlife scene, performing at festivals, dance parties, events and venues as diverse as

The Museum of Modern Art
What a Wonderfull World 50th Anniversary Festival with the Louis Armstrong House Museum
Lincoln Center’s Boro-Linc: La Casita
The Gantries summer series
Langston Hughes Auditorium, Queens
The Schomberg Center, Harlem
Lowell Folk Festival
The band inspires thousands of New Yorkers and international fans alike to swivel their hips in the name of Latin passion.

You can find Conjunto Guantánamo at select venues around New York City and the Tri-State area just about every week - or please check their calendar at:

Band Personnel - read on about the unique and celebrated musicians who create this unique sound.

Cuban-American Ulises Beato (director, conga, backing vocals) was raised within the freshly exiled Cuban community of Miami of the 1970s and 80s and absorbed the traditional Cuban music, culture and Afro-Cuban religious practices of his parents and extended family there. In 2003, Ulises founded Conjunto Guantánamo and in the years since, has slowly and steadily steered the ensemble towards notoriety while honing a truly authentic urban son sound “just like they do in Havana,” allowing a world wide audience to enjoy the true essence of this ubiquitously influential genre. Ulises has produced two earlier releases with CG and is currently producing their next release, the upcoming new album “Moviendo los Caracoles” (out Fall 2018 on Nganga Records).

José “Pepito” Gomez (lead vocals, guitar, tres) was born in the small town of Florida in Cuba’s Camagüey province from where he emerged to become one of Cuba’s top vocalists. Soon after coming to the US, Pepito met Ulises who needed a new singer for CG. After working together a couple of times, Pepito was brought on as lead singer and he and Ulises cemented a friendship and working relationship that flourishes to this day. In the decade since, the two have played hundreds of performances and are set to release their third recorded production together, a full LP album entitled “Moviendo los Caracoles”

Carlos Mena (bass, backing vocals) was born and raised in Quito-Ecuador and is a rising star in the New York City Latin music scene. He joined CG in 2010 as its bass player and vocalist, His bass rhythms have been the band’s backbone and musical engine ever since. As a backup singer his vocal character also lends an undeniable quality to the lush back-up harmonies the band is known for.

Oscar Oñoz (trumpet) was born in Cuba's Camagüey province, a true “sonero” straight from the heart. Since 2009, he has been playing the music he enjoys and loves best as the lead trumpeter for CG bringing full circle the band’s signature sound as a traditional Cuban son ensemble.

Mauricio Herrera (bongo, backing vocals) was born in the Holguín Province of Cuba. He began playing bongo and singing backup with CG in 2009 and can be heard on all of their releases to date.

Ittetsu Nasuda (piano) was born in Tokyo and studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2016, he joined CG on piano as its newest member.