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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble

In an era when the mass consumers relate to music with a passive dumbness, skipping the tracks that they don't dig within the first ten seconds, it's respectful that there's still music makers who treasure the challenging concept album as a form of expression. Even more respectful is to find music makers who have been able to fit creeping madness into a musical outfit. There isn't too much progressive rock with a splash of gothic made in this world.
8.02.2014, Kalevi Heino

CDFmE is a musical community with sole purpose to bring good music to the world.
The Ensemble was born in a year 2000 out of the need to bring back some of the more ambitious and progressive music that had to go literally underground in the 1980’s and -90’s. They released their first album ”Ideal Standards Vol. 1” in 2004 and the follower ”Land Of Hope” in 2009. Some of the musicians have been playing together for a long time, some are younger relationships but they all have the same goal: ”Let’s rock while making music!”.

Imagine a heavy space battleship that is loaded with white lilys and red roses and in place of the engines there are colossal flocks of hummingbirds. Heavy solid bottom, eclectic middleground and delicately powerful top makes this band strong and personal sounding. Their music is hard-hitting, intensive symphonic rock with lots of room for air and elegance. The songs are melodic and cinematic, progressive without being pompous in a needless manner.

Kate Bush meets Pink Floyd meets King Crimson meets Martians... or something.

The lineup is:
Katja Sirkiä, vocals
Antti Pesonen, guitars and backing vocals
Matti Jalava, keyboards and backing vocals
Eero Uurtimo, bass
Tuomo Lassila, drums

Sometimes additional musician are called in, like a string quartet or a Warr guitar.

Band members have been part of other projects and bands, such as:
Hair 2004, West Side Story ’04-’05, Paha Kurki, Tekniikan ihmeet, Faunin iltapäivä, Höyry-kone, Kivireki, Conquest, Metal Gods, Stratovarius.