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Cougar Jones

Cougar was born Catherine-Lee Jones within spittin’ distance of the Montana border. The only girl in a family of twelve children, young Catherine more than kept up with her eleven brothers, who nicknamed her Cat. Growing up the daughter of the town grocer, Cat was serving the townsfolk at Jones & Jones by the time she was nine.

Cat had a mind for numbers and could add up customer’s purchases and pack them in a brown paper sack, before they even had their pocketbooks out. Dressed in her brothers hand-me-down T shirts and Levis, Cat scooted up and down the sliding ladder behind the counter, prompting more than one customer to call her a speedy little cougar – and the name stuck
In those days, your small town grocery store carried everything from canned goods to hardware and even musical instruments. During quiet times, Cougar would take down a guitar from high up on a shelf, start plucking on the strings and sing along with the country songs on the radio. She fell in love with the stylings of Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton.

The boys grew up and moved on leaving Cougar behind. Maybe that’s why she decided to run off with Uncle Rocky’s Travelling Rodeo Circus Show – why should they have all the adventures? From barrel racing through a fiery obstacle course to daredevil turns on the high wire, Cougar Jones thrilled audiences with her athletic prowess. But the grand finale of Uncle Rocky’s show is what young and old remember best; standing alone under a single spotlight, her long blonde hair shimmering in the late August heat, Cougar Jones looks up to the stars and sings with a voice pure enough to break every heart in the place.

Many managers and broken contracts later, Cougar Jones realized that settling down in Music City, USA just wasn’t for her so she began her travels all over again – even going so far afield as Australia and Vietnam. There are a whole lot of stories yet to be told about Cougar Jones’ adventures, and maybe one night after a show she just might be in the mood to share a few of them with you.