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"I was born in '55 in a small Ohio town..."

Those are the opening lyrics to my autobiographical song, "55". I was raised in a typical mid-century, mid-western home in Dayton, Ohio. My childhood consisted of school, chores, T.V. and music. I remember receiving a transistor radio for Christmas and staying up late listening to the local AM station. I would listen intently to the songs, deconstructing them in my head to figure out what made them good. I would play 45 rpm records on a small record player and sing along for hours. My parents bought a second hand piano one year and I would sit down at it every day and try to figure out notes and chords. I would record the music I created on my portable cassette deck and compile them onto tape. I have always loved music, from the songs I heard on my transitor radio to the first time I sat down at that second hand piano at the age of 14.

February 16, 1978 was the day when my life changed. Through the witness of a fellow student at college, I came to the realization that God wasn't a religion but someone with whom I can have a personal relationship. It was as though a great veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see for the first time. My songwriting changed as well. It was now empowered with purpose and dimension. I no longer wrote little tunes, but songs that said something significant. Over the years, I have composed over 260 songs and produced over 32 albums. My music ministry has been a journey of joy and artistic release. I have endeavored to write what I felt, what I've experienced and create something that the listener can appreciate. As tastes have changed, I've tried to expand my craft to include the current trends, but I've always kept to the essence of who I am in the songs.

Though I tried many times to become a published songwriter on a national label, I was never signed. As I began to perform concerts, many people requested copies of my songs. So, I decided to independently produce my material and created "Cassia Music" and "No Label Records".
I do have one published song to my credit entitled "Robin Hood" as recorded by Derek Floyd. I have also had the priveledge of working with some talented local musicians and I've played keyboards in several local bands that have performed in such venues as churches, schools, halfway houses and prisons.

For me, life without music is unthinkable and I feel blessed to have been able to add to the song of life. My prayer is that when all is said and done, that something I've written, some melody I've composed will speak to another person and lift their spirit.