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DC Cardwell

DC Cardwell's affecting song "I Am Still The Same" won the two top prizes in the 2011 Australian Catapult Song Contest - the overall prize and the Judges' Choice prize. This is the lead-off track on DC's acclaimed album "Some Hope", available from CD Baby.

“I am seriously blown away by your album [Some Hope]. I think it may be the greatest thing I’ve heard in years! I don’t want to freak you out, but I’m drooling over here. You just easily became my favorite ‘new’ artist!”
Jaymee Carpenter, Film/TV Music Supervisor & Composer (“The Fighter”, “Crime After Crime”, “Top Chef”), subject of upcoming documentary “Chasing Notes”

I LOVE [DC's] album, and have listened to the songs a number of times… it’s hard to pick a favorite.” “
Michael Garcia, Film Director, Former Creative VP of HBO, where he was responsible for Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Deadwood, Carnivale, Big Love, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire)

“DC has a fantastic voice and beautiful approach” “
Michael Letho, Producer/Mixer of Underbelly etc, Audio Director ‘Rockwiz’
MMF Battle Of The Hits panel Feb 2011

“Fabulous song and there’s a lot to be said for holding off songwriting ’til you’re older. Like, sometimes you accumulate a lot of songwriting baggage for 25 years and you try and write Hey Jude and you fall down. But, you have a naivete and when all your musicality has met with it you’ve written the most beautiful song that, I’m not surprised it’s going to be in a film, cause it should be, it’s beautiful!”
Ashley Naylor, Paul Kelly’s bandleader, Rockwiz ‘Orchestra’, Leader of own band Even, ARIA Award Winner 2011
MMF Battle Of The Hits panel Feb 2011

“This guy is a blast, simple hooks with a powerpop touch that embeds humor catchy turnarounds and a sense of the 60′s with a bit of the 80′s. This is a fun guy you should check out.”
Loren Weisman, Blogger/Producer/Author

“Now it’s time for the world to discover his [DC’s] exceptional songwriting/performing gifts.”
Paul Freeman Palo Alto Daily News (US) , Newspaper review

“Seriously I have a great respect for your songwriting and style. You have a unique delivery that for the uninitiated conjures the vocal prowess of Thom York blended with the edge of John Lennon and a tip of the hat to Bob Dylan. Bravo DC!!”
Doug Mitchell, Record Producer, Personal Facebook Comment

The one thing that people usually say is it’s interesting or it’s different but that *is* interesting and different - and it’s really good, it’s great! Yeah I loved it, I love your sense of melody… very good, it’s lovely”
Russell Morris, Aussie Rock Star (MMF Battle Of The Hits panel Feb 2011)

I loved it - really really brilliant. I thought what was so compelling about it was this kind of unpredictability… the syncopation, but also the damaged quality of it, like it feels as though you’re really there. It started out very stark, very captivating and then all these additional layers that came out almost startled your imagination. It’s got a really cinematic quality - I can easily understand why it has such a filmic potential.”
Simon Winkler, Music Co-ordinator, Triple R (MMF Battle Of The Hits panel Feb 2011)

“Fantastic evocative vocal tone and great lyrics. Nice vocal layering builds the song. The song successfully creates an atmosphere that captures the story of the lyrics. The video clip does also help to tell the story. Together with the clip it’s a very moving song.”
John Foreman, Music Director - Australian Idol, Carols By Candlelight, Young Talent Time Catapult Song Contest 2011 Judge Comments

“Head and shoulders above most others. Fantastic lyricism and storytelling leaves you hanging after every phrase. Chord structure very mature, intricate and flowing. The lazy rolling drive of the music is a genius paradox to the sadness within the subject matter. Feels like you are creeping into a box inside the writer’s head, very provocative. The 2nd verse “electric downstrokes” really push the song along into a more subtle field. Chorus harmonies are a perfect melancholy. “Do I have to spell it out, when I can barely spell my name?” …true songwriting genius.”
Tony Bourke, Touring Musician - Eskimo Joe Catapult Song Contest 2011 Judge Comments

“It’s a simple song but the melancholy, almost pathetic tone and lyrics are endearing and resonate. I can see this on the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson movie”
Heidi Peitzner, Agent/Promoter Catapult Song Contest 20011 Judge Comments

“Beautiful chords and melodies, very natural lyrics, fantastic performance, captures emotion.”
Natalie Gauci, Singer and Producer, Australian Idol Winner 2008 Catapult Song Contest 2011 Judge Comments

“DC Cardwell creates a heart felt acoustic gem here, full of wonderful melodic hooks and a Ray Davies styled vocal. The gentle minor chords and harmonies that open “I Am Still The Same” are both brilliant and poignant. “Birthday Present” is another example of solid composition and a revelatory Harrison styled guitar break. Some of the mid-tempo ballads (“The Quiet Ages”) are like magical combinations of both Paul Simon and McCartney.”
Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic (blog) Review of Some Hope

“Exceptionally fine songs, DC. Who knew that depression, bitter irony, loneliness and mistrust could be so much fun? I’m not saying that sarcastically. You dig deep with such gentle and humorous resignation it’s impossible not to enjoy the bitter truths you unearth. I can’t pick a favorite song. They’re all my favorites.”
Christopher Morse, Songwriter

“From down under, DC Cardwell helps to prove my theory that the closer you get to Antarctica, the happier your songs sound. Okay, maybe that is a bit out there, but everyone from Crowded House to Emily Maguire to Midnight Oil, seems to have a knack for sweet melodies; and DC is no exception. DC’s style is very American Folk, but the melodies and some nice arrangements give it a little something extra.”
Bruce Greenberg “The Promise Live” (blog), Review of Some Hope

“An album filled with publishable songs and potential television soundtracks perhaps for the likes of shows like ‘Friends’ or ‘That 70’s Show’.”
Donna Greene, Global Thunda Network (Australian music blog), Review of Some Hope

“He writes from the heart in the same way as Neil Young and applies similar poetic humour to Ray Davies. There ain’t a bad song on this album… [It] is overflowing with damn good songs that Cardwell could publish and earn a good income from.”
Toxic Pete Brown, Blog, Review of “Way With Words” - an early CD-R version of Some Hope

“Melbourne’s DC Cardwell is a singer-songwriter that should appeal to fans of Neil Finn and David Grahame, and he has the ability to excel on both the slower, acoustic numbers as well as the up-tempo pop gems. You’ll only need to go a few tracks into Some Hope to realize this as the beautiful, gentle opener “I Am Still the Same” and the lovely, spare “Birthday Present” are followed by the catchy power pop of “Peace and Love”. Aside from these three, there are plenty of instant classics to go around like the breezy “Way With Words”, the harmonica and handclaps of “A Minute of Your Time”, and the jangly “Tom is Everybody’s Friend”. 16 tracks in all here, so it’s quality and quantity. Review of Some Hope”
Absolute Powerpop Blog/Website

“I recommend you have a listen to this album by DC Cardwell. He manages to do wry and pathos at once; imagine if Neil Young was gene spliced to George Harrison and the Beatles backed him up.”
Pete Farnan, member of Boom Crash Opera (Australian band)

“Nice song! There was a guy who wrote about 10-15 - an entire album “songs about Tom” - they were parodies. I’d never heard yours; it actually sounds legit :) ”
Tom Anderson Founder of Myspace - Google+ comment about “Tom Is Everybody’s Friend”
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