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DJ Emsci

I was born on 22 June 1981 in Baja,Hungary. My parents divorced when I was 1.5 years old, so I grew up with my mother. Since my early childhood, my music is a kind of castle. My childhood was difficult.They discovered my talent, sense of rhythm in primary school. Since the family circumstances did not allow me to attend music lessons but thanks to my teacher, she paid the costs. I am very grateful to her, my then-mentor and music teacher (Csaba Kisné Rónai), who taught me for eight years. My interest and DJ profession come from years spent in elementary school. I have been interested in the schools and opportunities, where I was happy to fulfill the tasks .In the early years of high school, I held numerous disco parties.
Next to I played with Péter Bánát (DJ Vaku).
They gave opportunities to learn the basics of the DJ profession and later was supporting the DJ Exam. What I did successfully.
Peter, among others, participated in a board of examiners who allowed me to present my talent in a really big amusement club, which is Mayday Budapest, Budapest Sports Hall, PS. This opportunity brought many unexpected successes to my DJ career. I became a colleague of Dj Bárány Attila, Dj Rush, Valentino Kanzyani, all of whom were very talented DJs. I entered the circulation of the Hungarian DJ world and played in many clubs. I've been working hard for my club and near my town in 2010 and I've been invited to several foreign events, for example: Austria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania. 2010 brought the biggest change for me, more foreign invitations which is a great pleasure and unexpected opportunity. I got the offer for club management and guest in the big music industry. We can talk about a really big breakthrough since 2011, when I finally moved to the Netherlands. Among other things, I met DJ Tiësto, who was a decisive figure my work. I presented my album Flying album, which was sold in large numbers.I had the opportunity to take part in the Color festival, where Dj Tiësto and Armin Van Buuren and others were performers: where the audience was over 7 million.
At that time already playing music in online radio.
In 2013, possessing own my radio.For me understandable thing to me was that sound and picture interactive.(that is visible,be audible)let be!
We can provide the listeners and viewers for ready voice and the image broadcast. At that time - nobody had thought of this.
Countless attempts and failure occurred.But I created a platform with this began the worldwide spread of Livestreem.
Google searched for 2013 in.
In 2013, I met my love Veronika Turcsik.
With whom I live in the Liverpool in happily.
Fully committed and targeted to music and fans.
Music is my life!
And so will stay!"The exceptional talent in a musical is unique in works in the world and is fully committed and for music and fans"