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The debut album of this dynamic duo fuses a fun, acoustic and, pop/rock sound with catchy hooks, witty lyrics, and a unique splash of FRAP - Folk/Rap! Imagine a musical entity made up of the sweet shades of Simon & Garfunkel and the rowdy energy of the Bare Naked Ladies and you've got Damn Sexy Man (DSM). Blair Sinta, from Alanis Morissette's band, sits in on drums to craft the infectious beats that'll make ya shake yo' booty. Don't fight it. Also, if you pop the CD into your computer, you'll find great extras like a music video, a link to the DSM website, song lyrics, and a "digital zoo!" Check it out.


It all begins on a little street called Maiden Lane in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chris and I first met when we kept passing each other every morning as we were walking to our respective places of employment. Every time we'd see each other we'd give the standard "what's up nod." I kept thinking, "that guy seems like he belongs in a band; I wonder if he plays music."

For some reason I felt like I should just ask this guy if he plays guitar, but you just don't approach people on the street anymore like you could in the days of yore. Beside, he was a white man with a huge Afro, which was initially very intimidating. So I didn't say anything. Then one day I saw him carrying a guitar case and I decided I would say something. But I didn't right away cause, you know, the whole "why the heck would a person talk to someone they don't know on the street at 7:30 in the morning in the dead of winter," thing.

So I waited, and nodded. Waited and nodded. Then, finally, while we were walking past the Mr. Pita, I said, "I'm trying to put a band together, do you want to play sometime." He said, "Yeah sure. I'll jam with anybody." I said, "Cool." We clicked musically right away, we wrote about twenty or so songs in four months. Around that time we started going to open mics… And, after two and a half years, a bunch of gigs, a few thousand dollars, and a lotta blood, sweat and tears, we made our first album...