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Dan Jacobs

"Play Song" is one of the musical highlights of 2011. Dan gives A COMMAND PERFORMANCE on 'Play Song,' the title song of the CD. Jacobs also peels off some of his best solo phrasings on the high-octane 'One by One.'' Jazz audiences everywhere will appreciate this CD. WELL DONE! - Edward Blanco -
"This is a great album, and you sound terrific! The production is really top-notch; good mix and nice recorded sound on your horns." - Brad Goode, Prof. Jazz Studies at the University of Colorado
"Obviously, Dan is the man with experience who can really drive things home as a jazz soloist" Bob James, Multi Grammy winning keyboardist.
"PLAY SONG" sounds wonderful; beautiful playing, beautiful music." - Carlos Melendez, guitarist
"His beautiful trumpet lines remind me of Chris Botti, except Jacobs' brings more extended improvisation with a much darker, smoother and more luxurious tone than a mink coat! Thomas R. Erdman,
"Dan Jacobs is one of the great new offerings to the jazz world. His solos are articulate, haunting, expansive, challenging, advanced, accurate and intense and his command of his artistry demands careful listening.” - George W. Carroll,
"I was hooked right from the start; wonderful work! I am drooling over the haunting trumpet solos." - Haybert K. Houston, Editor in Chief, JAZZ NOW MAGAZINE
“Supported with a warm, full sound, Dan plays 'inside' and 'outside' with ingenious runs and sensitive obbligato statements."
"He displays a shimmering, gorgeous trumpet sound with a beautiful timbre not unlike his main man, Bobby Shew." - George Fendel, JAZZ SCENE MAGAZINE
"Dan is among the finest of the of the players carrying the message of our music; he is playing jazz as it should be. He has what every musician strives for and rarely achieves . . . his own identity." - John Gilbert, INTERNATIONAL JAZZ reviewer.


"I Just finished my first listen-through. This is an outstanding album!

Dan's interpretations on Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil" and "One by One" are brilliant, as are the rest of the cuts. The seemingly effortless phrasing, consistently open and relaxed tone in all ranges - a tone that is masterfully shaped to match the mood, and the constant wealth of ideas makes this a goldmine to emulate for any jazz player.

I feel privileged to have had even a tiny input on this project from Dan sending me some raw cuts for evaluation. Dan Jacobs Quartet - "Play Song".

Brilliant! Just like Dan. -- Geoff Winstead, trumpeter, literary editor, CA


"Dan is really saying something worth saying." - Tony Guerrero, Yamaha Trumpet Artist and Smooth Jazz Artist.


"Listened to "play song" this morning. Great CD man! I love the track layout - great flow to the CD. I love your lyricism and every solo has a point and tells a story. No wasted notes! You use the upper register at the perfect time to create interest in your solos.

Great job! --Matt Taton, Mount Pleasant, MI, HS Band Director


Hey Dan....

I love your CD! Your playing is outstanding and I dig your rhythm section. I think my favorite track is Tidal Breeze (#5). The feel you get on Alondra is also outstanding (I also dig Cloudcroft...which is the name of the street where my daughter lives in Malibu!

In fact a couple of the tunes including Cloudcroft remind me of an original that I'm going to lay on you if you don't mind:-). It's called Mystique and I can hear your group nailing it (but don't feel obliged).
See ya!

Phil Morrison
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by Promoting International Harmony through Music

"PLAY SONG" . . . Beautiful - - what a wonderful album this is from Dan Jacobs, a trumpet player I’ve admired for over 25 years!

As a trumpet player myself, I am often at odds with the rest of my trumpet player friends, because I have rarely cared too much about how high or fast someone can play – “chops” were never the issue for me, I always cared more about whether a player had something to say in their playing.

While Dan has more than enough chops to impress my trumpet friends, what I truly love about his playing is that he is really saying something. And it’s worth listening to.

The tunes range from classic to modern, and the glue that makes it all cohesive is Dan’s lyrical phrasing and melodic ideas, whether it’s his contemporary muted trumpet take on Bobby Shew’s “Cloudcroft” or his gorgeous flugelhorn performance on his original composition called, “Alondra”. It all works together because it is all Dan.

You can truly hear his heart and his love for the music here. Other standout tunes for me are “Relaxin’”, in which Dan’s solo ideas may warrant some transcribing (so I can steal them later!) and “One By One”, in which Dan shows off some of those “chops” I mentioned earlier.

This is a beautiful album, ripe with great song selection and wonderful playing all around. Dan has surrounded himself with a more than capable rhythm section, all of whom turn in solid performances. And the recording is enjoyable in itself – clear and well balanced. This is one disc to keep handy in your collection, and one I will be recommending to my friends for some time to come. Kudos, Dan!

--Tony Guerrero,
Charleston Square Records Recording Artist, CA.


Just wanted you to know I got Dan's CD "Play Song" in the mail today and it's absolutely wonderful. My husband played the trombone for many years...not professionally but "funly" so I've always been partial to the brass!!!!!
Congratulations to Dan and to Myrna for the fabulous photos on the CD.
--- JoAnn Baker, MI


"I love progressive jazz. I found Dan Jacobs' music originally in some cuts several years ago. He has a beautiful smooth effortless flow in his music. I heard his music on a Chicago jazz station, hosted by Ramsey Lewis and bought the CD. -- Bert Corliss, Florida


I love Dan’s playing on this CD. Plenty of freedom and spontaneity. With his chromaticism and lyricism, you never know what might happen! --Paul Lesinski, Grand Rapids, MI.

It's beautiful! Just listen how Dan “weaves” his magic around each of the songs on this CD. He is technically capable of weaving his “web” around the fiber of a tune and creating an entirely new, better piece of music. This CD is wonderful!! --Ray Thomen, Lake Forest, CA.


"Dan's solos are articulate, haunting, expansive, challenging, and intense." George Carroll,

“His warm trumpet tone oozes out lyricism without words." - Ricardo Perez,JAZZ ALA CARTE, Santa Fe, NM

“Clifford Brown has always been my favorite and I once said no one will ever compare to him. Now that I have heard Dan Jacobs, I might have to eat those words!” - Bob Harrigan, Music Advisor/Artist Liaison: JAZZ FESTIVALS/FLORIDA

"The wonderfully controlled trumpet from Dan Jacobs is a model of lyricism, taste and feeling." - Brian Robinson, LONDON JAZZ JOURNAL MAGAZINE

"Trumpeter Dan Jacobs is simply a class act and definitely very top crust." - PRESTIGE JAZZ CLUB, RUSSIA

"I love the trumpet sound of Dan Jacobs and the overall approach of the album. I'll be featuring the CD on my "Saturday Jazz" radio show."- Brian Davis, JAZZLINE.NEW.AU, AUSTRALIA

"His new release marks the arrival of a superb jazz artist! His solos have a way of making the songs come alive with a lyrical, strong sense of melody. He is one of my favorite jazz musicians." Joao da Penha, Host,JAZZ RADIO, BRAZIL

"Wow! Excellent CD. Beautiful trumpet playing, very lyrical, good lines, clear sound, very tasteful indeed." - Bobby Shew – internationally recognized jazz trumpet master and educator.

"Your music is very sophisticated and unique in composition - thank you for giving us joy through your music." - Sandy Shore, President/Founder SMOOTHJAZZ.COM RADIO

"Dan emerges as one of the forces in the jazz idiom." - John Gilbert, INTERNATIONAL JAZZ reviewer.

"The beautiful sound of his horn and the lyrical, melodic lines he plays in linear fashion. It is my pleasure to be able to air his record."
- Bruce Tater, Host, THE ART OF SOUND

"I love guys who are so confident in what they have to say that they're not afraid to let the silences add depth to the overall picture."

"Listen closely as Dan “weaves” his magic around each of the songs. He is technically capable of weaving his “web” around the fiber of a tune and creating an entirely new, better piece of music. I believe this to be the major reason this CD is so wonderful." - Ray Thomen


JAZZ IMPROV magazine featured a "featured artist" interview with Dan Jacobs .

His CD's have been featured on in-flight play on all major U.S. Airlines.

A music video performance of one of his compositions was selected for nationwide release on BET TV.

Music his CD was selected for background music on “McNeil – Leher” News Hour on TV for three years.

Dan was the featured trumpet soloist on an award-winning CD in 2003, entitled, "Adventure Accidentele" by vocalist/guitarist, Danielle Herbert. The CD won the Canadian Music Awards highest honor, "THE JUNO.”

He is included on the list of "AMERICAN JAZZ TRUMPETERS" on

He was favorably reviewed in DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE after being awarded "Outstanding Soloist" at the Notre Dame Music Festival.


Blue After Hours – 2004
Adventure Accidentele’, 2003
Jazz Standard Time – 2002
Future Memories – 1992
Dream Sketches – 1991
Big Band Super – 1988
The Brothers Jacobs – 1985

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