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Daniel L. Lovell

Hello, I am Daniel Lovell. My wife, Betty and I live in Wellington, KS and we have 2 grown children. I am retired from the military after 25 years of service. I began writing Christian music about 15 years ago. I write in a variety of styles, including country, folk, pop, blues, and minor keys. This is because I write in whatever style seems to be approprate to the song I am composing. I have won several lyricist awards for my song lyrics with Songwriter's Monthly magazine. (This magazine ceased publication a few years ago when the editor retired). I also have had air time on several Kansas radio stations and my lyrics have appeared in various regional papers and magazines. Occasionally, I sing my songs at local churches and at an area prison, where I also play keyboard for group singing. I have 3 albums posted on CDBaby, and these songs are also available at various music sites for streaming and download. Using the latest recording techniques, I have completey remastered my first album, "Stayin' at the Earth Motel", to enrich the songs with melodious instrumental backgrounds. This is now available as "Stayin at the Earth Motel, V. 2.0". I left the first album on CDBaby because it has 5 original songs that don't appear on "V.2.0" or anywhere else. I also have a third album on CDBaby; "Rent's Past Due at the Earth Motel" that uses the same cutting edge recording technique as "V.2.0". In addtion to the 3 albums, I have published a volume of my song lyrics entitled, "I Met the Master of the Earth Motel". It contains many more original lyrics than the 3 albums, and they are presented in an entertaining and inspirational story book form. Two of my songs are now available as handsome sheet music folios. Presented for performance by full SATB choir are: "Jesus is Alive", and, "Morning Fields". Both can be heard on my album, "Stayin' at the Earth Motel V.2.0". Please contact me at to find out more about my book, or my music.
Thank you very much for your support and encouragement.