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Dar Shan

GONG-YOGA Meditation Music for the Heart-Mind, Body & Soul. Meditation Music for Wellness & Awakening and the Dawning of Sacred Sound.

My life is about yoga. My specialty is Gong Yoga. Gong Yoga is a simple method of just listening to complex layers of sound produced by the gong, and this in turn naturally induces a meditative state of mind.

The Gong Sound as I call it and as I play it, is an awesome and very very cool sound that stirs the soul. Experiencing the Gong-sound is a discovery of what could possibly be considered to be the 8th World Wonder.

I play the Gong as a form of meditation, as entertainment, and because I love to play it and hear it, and to be bathed in its sonic overtones. Yet it can also be considered as a form of energy healing & transformation. The Gong-sound is considered to be a key Kundalini Yoga practice. I usually play the Gong with the intention of creating a healing and/or an adventure for the listener - participants, depending on what it is the listener-participant is open to receiving.

Gong Yoga opens the doors to an inner world and to your authentic self. It also takes the listener to a profound state of peace and can also take you on an inner journey within your mind & heart.

Please visit for more info, resources, and samples.

Blessings of Bliss,
Dar Shan