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Dave Wheitner

Through music, I seek to transcend the boundaries of normal communication, limited by languages, dialects, and logic. Sometimes I like to catalyze thinking on deep topics, and sometimes I just hope to make the listener have fun or feel positive energy. When listening to and composing music, I often experience what seems to be a different plane of existence, with many intertwined energies: spirituality, sex, thought, movement, connectedness, and awareness.

I’ve been fascinated by music and sound since a very young age, when I’d spend hours listening to my dad’s music albums through headphones. After we got our first boombox with a microphone, I created experimental sounds with objects ranging from a metal slinky to coffee cans. Borrowing a cousin’s boombox, I would create “ping-ponged” multitrack recordings with two machines. I’d often seek opportunities to play with the PA system at school, so that I could beatbox and hear the bass resonate. Whenever we visited a department store, I’d spend the entire time in the electronics section tinkering with the keyboards.

As a teenager, I often devoted whole weekends to composing and recording, starting with a small Casio keyboard and 4-track cassette recorder. As technology has evolved through keyboard-based sequencers to computer-based digital audio workstations, I remain in awe of how much capabilities have grown just over the last few decades.

Over the years, I’ve sometimes pushed music aside as I pursued disciplines that seemed to offer greater promises of stability, but I’ve found that I’m happy only when I regularly carve out time for music creation.