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Dee Digioia

Hi! My name is Dee DiGioia (pronounced "di JOY uh"). I created Caring & Courageous Kids: Program for Peaceful Intervention to Bullying for the purpose of increasing a climate of caring & kindness in elementary schools while empowering children with the courage to help reduce the problem of bullying. When children learn that the power of standing up to bullying takes away the power of those who bully, they also learn that they have the power to break the cycle of bullying and can help make a big problem much smaller. That takes caring and courage. Caring and Courageous Kids is a blend of the best ideas gathered from others who are successfully promoting positive and proactive ways to guide children to coexist peacefully. Caring and Courageous Kids has been influenced by many fine organizations or individuals who wish to empower children of all ages with the skills for their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Caring and Courageous Kids follows the path to help educate the hearts and minds of children by developing an inner awareness of how to make choices which will contribute to peace and harmony in their relationships with others.
“Peace for You and Me” is my first song I ever wrote -it was written to perform at my first Caring and Courageous Kids assembly (October 2011) at the elementary school where I worked to inspire the children to stand up for one another when they see bullying. The lyrics offers "formula" to show how our actions "add up" to help break the cycle of bullying! Standing by and not approving of bullying is not enough to make it go away. We need to show we care by mustering the courage to stand up by saying something, or doing something, with peace in our heart. When we stand up one by one and stand together to show our disapproval of bullying, we show those who bully that we will no longer accept it. The song is upbeat and joyful and the perfect song to get stuck in the hearts and minds of children to add a little more peace in our world! It is featured in my new movie I also wrote, directed and produced: "Which Team Will You Choose?" Let's all do what we can to begin breaking down the cycle of bullying. We can all do something, one nonviolent choice at a time! Everything we do or say is a choice. Be smart, use your heart. Choose compassion, choose kindness. Be caring and courageous to help peace grow in our world, whether it’s in our homes, our schools, and our communities. Peace!