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United States - Pennsylvania


Diesis - I

A diesis, also called a double dagger or double obelisk, is a character used in printing to indicate a cross reference or to further explain something in detail. As an emcee Diesis-I is no stranger to discussing in-depth topics and making obscure references that require insight (or for some, explanation). Never one to drop a line for the sake of a rhyme, Diesis maintains the belief that a true lyricist wields the power of a double edged sword. As the blade could be used to help or hurt, so could the written & spoken word be used to promote positive thought and encourage right action, or glorify negativity and spread ignorance. The ending (third) “I” is added to represent the spiritual mind and awareness of self.
In the beginning Diesis set out on the path of becoming known solely as a Hip-Hop MC but as an avid supporter of the local EDM scene and after being asked to join the Sector One Crew (formed originally as an EDM DJ Crew) that path soon changed course. Growing up, Diesis learned to appreciate and take inspiration from all forms of music and culture, and now being in a position to cross genres he took a prominent role as host MC for crew events. As an MC, Diesis has shared stages with many notable acts and provided mic control for a variety of experienced party rocking DJ’s.
He is currently promoting his official debut album “The Gospel of Talon Karrde,” along with forthcoming release “B-Boys 4 Higher,” while still working on new music including a collaborative project with Holla da Scholar under the name Lost Zoo.
More than just a lyricist, Diesis-I is the Vice-President of Sector One Ent., and serves as both a senior event coordinator and public relations representative for the MayDay Music Festival. He is a promoter of numerous music, art, & cultural events, and is a freelance writer.