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Doreen Pinkerton

Hello! I'm a singer songwriter and now registered with ascap as both singer and publisher. Doreen Pinkerton Production. It's a joy to sing play and write music that stirs the soul and honors God our Creator. I do a lot of Contemporary Christian songs & Praise and Worship music, using the styles I grew up hearing in the churches and singing all over for whoever asked me in those arenas, but I have in recent years branched into Country, Americana, Pop, Soft Rock, Jazz, and Folk/Indie artist style I enjoy- because as I age I realize they embrace all of life lived.. I think that goes along with my eclectic personality and love of lyric, rhyme, poetry, creative writing, and the love of music. I am an RN and minister and have a ministry called Reaching Out, for evangelism and discipleship in leadership in community, education, and health care.

Over all, I am a Christian Contemporary singer, both encompassing Christian styles with an eclectic feel but yet you can definitely recognize my style. I have compassion for those who desire to grow in understanding of independence and love of God, and positivity. I think part of that comes when we embrace the past, present, and future with God's help, love and forgiveness, and then we celebrate the good things!

I grew up in a family of musicians- my dad was an evangelist, so we traveled and sang as a family a lot. As a young adult I branched into singing duets with my sister on our guitars, then in youth years I started solo vocal work, with accompanying pianists, but also knew I could write and play on piano too, along with guitar and flute. Later on my sister and I sang for the Assembly of God concerts in NY competitions and came in second, to find out by our pastor we were first, (the count was wrong, who knows? LOL). Then I traveled with choirs in summers all over the state, with the Assemblies, and got choral experience and solo work experience with the choir backing us. I then went to Oral Roberts University and studied nursing, on a music scholarship on my flute, first chair band and was in the orchestra on flute, and added piccolo. I enjoyed the downtown events for celebrities we played in for the shows, and the Oral Roberts television show, and the wonderful musicals and operas we did. I especially enjoyed singing in the Miss Tulsa pageant, an added treat one year.

After college, I went on to Ny and worked as a nurse at Mid Island Hospital. I enjoyed the journey, but had met a wonderful young man at Oral Roberts University who I fell in love with and married. Today we have four children, two young men and two lovely ladies, my last off in college this year, with two in, and one going back to seminary, and one an md in residency, the oldest son. I am a blessed mom and wife!

I did move to Oklahoma to work at the City of Faith Hospital for a couple of years on the medical and surgical floors, and in intermediate care. On Long Island I had done med/surg nursing, and was a float to pediatrics, icu, ccu, telemetry, and once to oncology, and occasionally ob patients floated on our peds floor. Later on after medical school graduation for my husband, Dr. Jerry Pinkerton ( aka Joe), we went to New Jersey. I worked as a home care nurse for Overlook Hospital for two years till we had our first child, a son. I then stayed home, and well, played my piano, guitar, and sang a lot. I did a lot of singing for weddings and services, and enjoyed those years.

After four years in New Jersey we moved to Wilkesboro, North Carolina, where we rented and I got a taste of totally rural living. I grew to love my town and the people there, and treasure the friendships I have made! My husband asked me to home school to fit his schedule and so we could travel, so I went to the NCHE convention and we committed to it, both of us. I did that the last 24 years I believe, although my kids aged out about 5-6 years ago, I continued to teach the high school science labs for biology, chemistry, and offered physics. I did the home school music day, creating a praise and worship band k-12, choir k-12, and songwriting class and worshops for several years, 4-5, then started private lessons in my home for singers and those who enjoyed performance, to teach skills in recording, and singing, plus some basic guitar and piano for worship styles.

During my years as a home school mom I started writing songs, and was accepted to Tate Music Group. I did enjoy that experience since 2010 and completed 4 albums with them, and since they closed in the middle of my fifth, i am finishing that now locally- Light A Candle (Tides 1& 2), done as four types of music- a promo Cd with eight songs, and Tides 1, Tides 2, and Tides 1 & 2 discs in a package, for Light A Candle- to give options in cost. We shall see how that works for people! I love to sing and play my flute, along with making bands with my guitar and piano, plus singing alone with them too. I am primarily a singer and flutist but love to use my instruments for bands and in praise bands too.

I enjoyed years of interim worship minister for churches in transition under Reaching Out, but completed that task last year, now feel led to help as the opportunities arise. I love sing many places songs I write, as well as songs people love, like hymns or gospel, and I know quite a lot from my years at Wilkesboro Baptist Church.

I did go back to school after ORU and went to Foothills Christian College, both undergrad and grad, for Christian Ministry and then graduate for Visionary Leadership till they closed. I am good at helping organizations find their purpose and perfect areas that will open new doors for growth, through ideas that involve massive change over time. I am bold to always say and share the word or song God puts in my heart, when the moment is right and the leader will receive, for God's glory. You know, we all get caught up in Church growth and numbers, but it's the numbers for God's eternal Kingdom that matter! anyway, I then went to Graduate at PIU to continue a few classes and have applied to a couple schools like Liberty for continuing growth - worship ministry, and Rockbridge Seminary, for Leadership. I feel a passion and love for ORU, and hope some day I can bless them in some way, where my heart is.

I love my parents for instilling the love of music in us, and always taking us where the music is, and including it in our homes, with all the people we knew, as well as in ministry areas of ladies studies, small group, coffee house ministry, bible studies, sunday school, Good New Club hosts, and then their own ministry, Tree of Life- for over 20 years, that I have loved singing for and being a part of, especially the last ten years helping with worship ministry using my songs.

I enjoyed singing for Morning Star womens' fellowship under Women and Children's Pastor Becky Mueller, for several years, and for the lovely singing at Cowboy church and so many churches and community events in New York and North Carolina. I enjoyed hosting the Prison Ministry concerts for Wilkes for many years, with many bands playing in each, and choosing the music. I think these things came easily for me from being Director of a New York Swim Program on Long Island and head Swim Instructor back in my college years. I also think the singing at Senior Ministries under my mother's leadership as she was President of Women's Aglow helped, and for the Lutheran, Non Denominational and Pentecostal and Baptist Churches both in North Carolina and Honduras, as well as for the Presbyterian churches in NY and NC. In any case, the car shows were fun, as well as singing in church bands or playing whatever instrument and singing they needed.

At this point in life, i still enjoy singing for weddings, parties, traveling to sing some, at Christian Clubs and events, and also for singing in community, plus helping ministries that encourage life, like the Foothills Free Medical Clinic and the Wilkes Crisis Pregnancy Center. I enjoy visiting some friends in trailer parks, and subbing in the schools. Life has been good to me.

Recently I have written some songs about my pets, and I hope you enjoy them, also branching into country style, to make the message in the songs I wrote reach the people of Wilkes, as I felt my music needed to include my life here, in a state I now call home.

I am a native of North Babylon NY, was in a graduating class about 6oo, was graciously chosen as most musical, by my peers, and have tried to make them proud. I was pre med a few years at ORU with a boat load of science and math classes, so the science teaching thrilled me, and the work with Pastor Bartlett at the Foothills Clinic and keeping my nursing license valid through the years with Dr. Jerry Pinkerton's practice and this clinic, as well as missions was a blessing, plus using the worship minister experiences to make teams for our trips, combining with the Honduran leaders to sing on radio and sing for the people combining the Spanish and English teams. I love to sing along as an artist too, and take others in for discipleship or just for fun, too, when asked or needed, or the person desires it.

Wow, God has been so good to me, I hope you enjoy it! There is a bit of jazz on some too, because I was in a jazz band in high school and at Celebration church, every summer for about ten years or so, under PAstor Dr. Tom Bartlett, and in high school under Bill Huron. I was blessed by the jazz band instructor, Richard Young, and enjoy jazz very much, and r&b.

Thanks for reading, and may the journey continue! God is good!

Doreen Pinkerton- Reaching Out Ministry
During that time I started recording again. I had written hundreds of songs over the next several years, and began to use a local studio.