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Dr Mastermind

Dr Mastermind came to life after my exit from wild dogs in fact t evil genius were guys who were helping me make demos of my songs for the thrd wild dogs lp Kip Doran and Rikki Bagget drummer from a band i was producing called Haven. our demo was turned down by the people i knew or passed over politely and after 6 months of gigging and recording was kaput ( but a lot of fun becuiase we ALL had short hair but wore wigs.. the same wig on all of us and near the same outfit our in joke was that we were like the way outs on the flintstones show...well....along comes reality and when it hits it smacks a guy like me real hard... and next thing i know my future ex wife to be and i were moving out of the dirt floor basement "apartment" we were living in and into a slummy apartment building as the manager...* called THE VILLA in a closet where a Murphy bed was once parked with a headphone amp and a kramer striker guitar i worked out the rest of the dr mastermind tunes i didnt want anyone to know i had any gear cuz they would break in and take it... eventually we filled the place up with who turned out to be wild dogs fans who were leaning more toward death metal when you had to make the choice... and at the same time i was doing gigs and recording with Mayhem producing the burned alive lp at Recording Associates home of Wild Dogs , Poison Idea Black n Blue Glacier for me it was an exciting time... and i didnt see THIS coming i got a call from mikevarney who asked me if i would rewrite or edit some of the lyrics form the evil genius demo and pair it with a super guitarist and if i could get deen castronovo he would do an album and with real funding and give it a good push ,., but id have to change the name so mastermind..... came out first... when we discovered that name was already used by some guys and they were really quite possessive of the name which is also a movie a book a game and a video game ....... sooooo i did what every boyl;s mother would want him to do... I BECAME A DOCTOR... it;s only 2 letters so ya wont see it so much and ill still be the mastermind... or as frineds call me.. "the mind" hahahaha and the "jesus figure" i have NO clue but ive been razzed pretty much since 1980 about that .... startiung with Joe Bloomstone... another artist that will soon grace the catatlog walls of this virtual world ... so..... after a few guys were tossed at me... and check this out.. cuz they went on to be REALLY WELL KNOWN GUYS.. ( Paul Gilbert .. amazing talent his demo had songs from racer x ..i sang on them on some 4 track demo... we spoke on the phone he was in pittsburgh .. for some reason that ig click didn't happen.. then there were others but the guy mike was really pushin my way was Kurt James... who had replaced yngwie in steeler and did the same style( i was gonzo over yngwie since mike played HIS demo years before .... and also kurt was a jimi fan!> and so am i... .... meanwhile back at the dog house. i was doin some Wild Dogs gigs because their singer had gotten sick of the abuse hurled at him from MY audience who is a bit different than Jeff and Danny;s... there;s that art punk thing rearing it's gorgeous head... and so of course when Deen and i hung out it was fun and mayhem and laughs all round .. and so i thought i was back in the band again...... nope... turns out they had a guy in mind but wouldnt tell me straight up... long story short deen was not invoilved in the wild dogs much longer after recording the reign of terror as he played drums spectacularly i may add) on this lp even with a drum solo cuz i ws hopin this would be a great uaudition( i really do hate to see world class once in a liofetime talent ( for my geo location) go to waste... so i passed the offer to Deen to play with tony macalpine and also ne a paid session drummer for Mike's label shrapnel... and pakced his drums( literally full of food ) part of the mastermind budget was moving deen down tho the bay area.. we got the truck and gas and bam there ya go... he hasnt stopped to look back in 20 years ..... so mission accomplished and... priority mission accomplished by finishing this lp who ive tried reviving the group in a few forms and we have done some great gigs kurt james and i the last in chicago in 2005 at a metal fest.. and on my US METAL tv show in portland there is a live video on DVD with the orignal 3 here at cdbaby as well...