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Maestro Diego Andres is an International Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist (Classical Guitarist), Universal Multi Instrumentalist (of many instruments), Recording Engineer, Music Therapist, Consultant, Author, Lecturer, Philosopher, Relaxation music Composer, Songwriter, Film score writer, Music Producer and Philanthropist. He also practices Tai Chi, Yoga, daily music performing, a healthy diet, and practices the Union of Science, Spiritualism/Metaphysics, Psychology and Musical Art form /Creative Arts.

A former music teacher and minister, Maestro Diego Andres now performs, Public Concerts and In Home Private Concerts, and Lectures on Music Healing Therapy with the union of all the schools of thought; The Union of Science, Spiritualism/Metaphysics, Psychology and cultivating Musical Art form/Creative Arts within the human life.

As an infant, Diego had a fast and highly responsive interaction with music. A natural gifted protégé. After experiencing death three times early in his life, Diego traveled to the higher realms (Dimensions) of Paradise (Realm of the Ancients) and brought back knowledge, power and understanding of all that is; God/Source.

As a child, Diego used music to identify with God while suffering grave abuse by family members and was also killed by one of them. “I was brought back by God/Source power to continue my work on this planet. My life force is empowered by all that is”.

Diego learned as a youth to quickly develop musical ability with musical instruments as a means to be connected with God/Source and be in the place of peace. These stages of experiencing inversion from family and guardians were the training elements for understanding the concepts to; * Disinvert from incorrect (inverted) pathology; Specifically to disinvert from inverted spiritualism/metaphysics, Psychology/Social Psychology, and Science. And, Music is the vehicle/conduit to connect to God/Source daily.

Diego’s knowledge from higher realms (The realm of the Ancients) also revealed to him that humans should learn to cultivate and place more importance in Musical/Creative art form (Dance) (Creative Arts) and less on mathematics and analytical theorem. In doing this, we are consciously or (unconsciously for some) connecting to God/Source.

Renewing life on a daily basis by continuing your creative art form connects you to God/Source daily. All indigenous races practiced this concept, and instinctively lived in agreement with nature (the universe). As this teaching and experience of Diego grew, he ascended into musical mastery. Diego is now developing his Music Healing Therapy seminars and training in (God/Source Speak). When we attain enlightenment as (Buddha, Christ, Talhouti and others) we attract the people with our creative gifts. This is meant to bring the consciousness of man to be connected with God/Source interactively.

One of Diego’s teaching reveals that, the masses are actually attracted to the creative life/Energy force of God/Source working through the enlightened artist or music master. Unfortunately, inverted societies promote false deity status on sports athletes, music stars, millionaires and actors (especially when promoting Envy and competition with idol type TV programs etc.) when in reality, if we conscientize this actual relationship, we find that the audience is actually attracted to the success and the presence of God/source (Creative Force. Energy/Chi/Qi) working through the gifted artist who has attained mastery and enlightenment.

We all have creative expression, and that is our personal connection to God/Source. Not a competitive sport or Envy trophy to be exploited. Constructive verses Non constructive is the determining values in operation through our individual lives.

Music is the Universal language. Creative Art form expression (Musical Arts/Dance) is our actual interactive daily connection with God/Source.

In my personal songwriting and International CD releases, I have expressed Universal influences from all corners of this planet and have combined them all. I shall always continue to do this. Music is the never ending river of God/Source energy (Chi).

“I have cultivated music in my own life since childhood, and have been trained by masters of music, physics, philosophy, religion, Psychology, Kung Fu and Business”, states Diego. “I am now honored to bestow upon the people the teachings and musical gift forms as a blessing and function to assist the world societies to be conscious and live a fully conscious life.”

Stay tuned and watch for new CD’s and events/concerts by Maestro Diego Andres. For further details or event bookings contact Maestro Diego’s Management.

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