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Our thanks Goes firstly to God who inspired the lyric and music to the songs on this CD.
Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”
This song which is the title of the Cd “ I CAN DO” was written almost 20 years ago, when our children were little, never would i have believed that God would have me make a CD.
I am self taught on the guitar, and have made many tunes over the years, to which i never had words. Around a year ago, we prayed for God to send a labourer that could sing, as when i went on trips kim was left with an out of tune singing fellowship, and as we have learnt God hears our prayers and desires, and along came Abbie after a couple of fellowships we learnt that Abbie could sing and that she was a great blessing to the Pucklechurch Youth Fellowship.
Over the coming months we would get together on a Monday night and practise the few songs we had, to be a blessing to other believers, and soon we realised that we were not far off of having 10 songs to make a CD.
One Saturday we went to our local music shop to buy a 12 string Guitar and i was led to ask about a recording studio, Andy from the shop replied” that he had one upstairs”, and we instantly booked our first session with him, over the next week we wrote 3 songs and recorded them with the other 5 we had ready, and in 3 weeks we had recorded our first CD.
We would like to Thank God and all the believers that helped to make this dream come true, and a Special thank-you to Abbie for without her contribution this CD would not of happened.
I would like to thank My wife Kim who has supported Us and encouraged me all the way.
We pray and believe this CD will bless you and inspire you.
Laurence and Kim Torr