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Earthwood...A folk trio from the 70's. Fate brought us together communication devices reunited us.

Steve Chung from norhtern Indiana, Louise Marley from the Seattle area, and (yours truly) Lew Woodward from southeastern Ohio were a folk trio back in the day. We were based in Montana at the time, and performed at US Air Force bases ( God Bless Our Troops ), Night Clubs, and Ski Resorts. Although our music was primarily "folk" we were really a variety group. We generally did four sets a night...six nights a week. We would open with a Folk Set, followed by a Country Western Set. Then we would do a Rock & Roll Set. Last but not least when the entire audience was fairly intoxicated we would break out the "piece of resistance" as the French would say. We did a GOSPEL Set. The room went wild, and everyone would sing along. There would be weeping and shouts of religious euphoria...then we would quickly pass a plate and tell them that tithing was good for the soul, yada yada yada.
Well we were together for about a year and a half, then the winds of fate blew us in seperate directions. Time marched on....different careers, marriages, children, you know....LIFE. Then one day out of the blue, Louise calls me and says she has been invited to sing at a science fiction convention in Birmingham, Alabama. ( sounded a little science fiction-esque to say the least ) Louise Marley is a brilliant science-fiction of course she would be invited to sing at a science fiction convention in Birmingham, Alabama. She asked me if I thought we could get the group back together as she did not want to sing alone. I told her I would love to do it, but Steven would never...I repeat, never agree to do it. Well Steven did agree to do it. We got together in January of '08...rehearsed ( I made a DVD of our rehearsal so we could rehearse on our own.) Then on March 14th, 2008 Earthwood took the stage for the first time in #%^$@& years ...Louise has time issues... and it was great. As this was Louise's gig, we forced her to do the fronting of the group. As a result of this lapse in Steven's and my judgement, Louise felt free to tell all her adoring literary fans for whom we were playing that we were working on a CD. Of course we weren't,... but what did they know...after all we WERE at a "science-fiction" convention.
We decide it was a good idea. So on October 4th, 2008 we got together and recorded our CD at Hidie Hole Studios in South Bend, Indiana. We hope you enjoy it!