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ed batizu

Ed Batizu

Ed has an extensive background in music Including stints with such bands as Ivory Tower, Oddz, and Science Forgave Us. He is responsible for a genre of music known as "Asian Funk" which was started ironically in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where there is very little funk or Asians. To be clear, Ed is not Asian, but he is definitely funky. Well, now we're digging a hole aren't we. We mean "funky" in the sense that Ed has a unique view of life that he likes to write about. And there is certainly NOTHING wrong with being's just that Ed will at times employ Asian tonalities in his music. OK, some drunk guy at a gig called his music "Asian Funk" and it stuck....alright, let's get off that.

Ed has been in the music business for many years and has benefitted from the advice of some of the greats. Les Paul once told Ed (in exchange for a gin and tonic at a NAMM Show) the secret to succeeding in the music business. "Give it time..." Les said. That was in 1986. Since that time Ed has continued to grind away, moving about the country working in various bands, sneaking into studios on Sunday mornings to record, and taking various day jobs to eat. Ed never slept in a van like Jewel but he did once live in a one bedroom a-frame apartment next to a busy prostitute with an annoying cough.

Ed once worked in summer theatre playing an awkward, gangly 6'3" angel lowered from the theatre ceiling in a sequined jump suit to sing "Beauty School Dropout". He worked an incinerator in a hospital where he burnt (turns out illegally) the "stuff in the RED bags". Ed taught guitar, delivered pianos, and worked as a studio engineer. He sold musical instruments but lost that job when he was detained for trespassing on Floyd Rose's property in possession of a large allen wrench.

Ed continued to write music through the years and released such gems as "The Adventures of Wally Cone", "Building a Fence to the 21st Century", "The Day I Left My Rat Hat On", and "Oprah Sheep". He also composed a rock opera that will one day come to the stage titled (wait...) "Corporate Rock", a reflection on Ed's time as a corporate weenie. These titles are now out of print but will most likely return in a "best of" collection when Ed dies and his ex-wife figures out he really WAS a genius and NOT the unattnentive, narcissistic, self-centered, pig-headed, cheap, sports-watching, unromantic, judgmental, moron she claims he is. Ed is barely half of those things.

Ed typically relies on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and a little keyboard (all played by Ed in the recording process) to support his thought provoking, quirky, intelligent, funny, sad, ironic, and sometimes cryptic lyrics. What makes Ed unique is his ability to create songs around popular topics such as the demise of traditional brick and mortar Ivy League institutions, the ironic beauty and devastation of nature, and the insecurities of human kind. You know, stuff you can really hum along to.

The most requested bit of information about Ed is regarding the origin and pronunciation of his name. (1) Ed Batizu is a fictional character whose name is loosely derived from a slang word his Lebanese boss used to use when he was mad at Ed. Long story short, Ed (not his real name remember) worked in a liquor store. One day he "played a trick" on his mean boss by dousing him with a tub full of ice cold water from the roof top. A multi-wine bottle throwing incident ensued which ultimately ended Ed's career as a booze baron. (2) There is no WRONG way to pronounce Ed's name. Some say BAT-eh-zoo, others say bah-TEE-zoo ( the latter is probably closer to the Lebanese cuss word ). It does not matter....just enjoy the music! If you have feedback or want to contact Ed you can do so at