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Edwin El Calvito Reyes

Undoubtedly, one of the most influential Salsa of the current Salsa. Edwin Reyes "El Calvito" has always been a pillar of motivation for each of the Latin celebrations inside or outside the United States Army, and even more with his unparalleled passion for music, his roots and his people. Born on April 19, 1974, he had his childhood and graduated from the Superior Vocational School of his beloved Trujillo Alto in May of 1992. Then he graduated with studies in Tele-Communication at the University of the Sacred Heart of Puerto Rico. music has been his passion. Edwin continued to show his leadership and passion for music, and already in 1993, in his town of Trujillo Alto, Edwin, he began to make himself known to PLENA, keeping our culture and tradition alive. In the year 1996, Edwin joined the US Army and began playing and singing salsa, all thanks to Mr. Victor París and Mr. Godreau "Papo Salsa" who offered him the first opportunity to share his talent with the community of Hinesville, Ga in 1996. Since then, "El Calvito" has been interpreting all genres of Latin music in the United States for over 22 years; Never leaving behind its origin, nor its vision.

In 1998, Edwin served as vocalist for the "Ron Con Anis" Orchestra, along with the direction of his late mentor, David Mercado. Edwin, not only developed his talent on stage, but also having studies, also ventured into the radio field. "El Calvito", thanks to its Radio program on WHCJ 90.3 FM at Savannah State University, had the honor of alternating with the Mexican Chon Magaña, for 5 years running, in its Saturday programs, aimed at the Latino communities of the state of Georgia . His sense of responsibility towards his people, motivated him to found the Orquesta Con Clase in 2006, local Salsa Orchestra with whom he reached new horizons. "El Calvito" Reyes is undoubtedly one of the most complete exponents of Salsa in the United States, and a worthy representative of all Latinos in the country.

Maintaining always its culture and Puerto Rican homeland in its Heart, In the past two decades, "El Calvito" Reyes has delighted more than 300,000 people around the world. Of the New Blood of the Salsa, one of the very few that has been able to take the Salsa to countries of the east and the middle east. Edwin has had the fortune of being Vocalist of one of the most Prominent Orchestras of Puerto Rico, such as the Orchestra of Julio Badillo and his Salsa Stars, Corista of the acclaimed, Paquito Acosta, Héctor Tricoche, Paquito Guzmán. Also, "El Calvito" gained an important place in the world of Salsa, when he had the honor of being one of the few leading vocalists of the living legend, and Fania All Star, Mr. Larry Harlow. That has been their biggest school; directly cataloged as "Sonero" by the legend of salsa itself. Not only in his local cities, Edwin began to gain visibility when he demonstrated his true talent improvising in all the melodies that Mr. Harlow put in his way (SENOR SERENO, ABRÁN PASO, ARSENIO, ETC.).
In 2009, Edwin had the privilege of recording for the first time, the song RAN KAN KAN, as a tribute to King Tito Puente, under the LUGO Music label, by maestro David Lugo, former Musical Director of the Hector Lavoe Legend. This song in particular has been one of the best tributes to the King in the past years. It is worth mentioning that David Lugo is one of the best percussionists in the world and this musical gem confirms this. Along with him, "El Calvito" Reyes has participated in two Latin Jazz musical projects; the biggest one called AFRO LATIN SWING, which has 14 songs.

"El Calvito", has been very well received and respected by his fellow salseros and professionals of that level. Your humility is your key!
As mentioned above, Edwin served in the Active Army for the past 22 years as an Air Traffic Controller, and has been deployed as a fighter on the war front in Iraq and Afghanistan, on 6 different occasions, adding up to more than 65 months in combat.

In 2003, when for the first time I crossed the border of Kuwait and Iraq, and after the Dictator Saddam Hussein was captured, Edwin, being there in that place, and looking for a way to raise the morale of his soldiers, decided to form a Salsa band in the middle of combat, using musical tracks. There his brothers of the force, realized that before so much negativity, there was positivism and desire to live thanks to Edwin.

In 2005, Edwin returned to Iraq. By this time, the conflict was calmer. Edwin had the initiative to return to make a salsa band with tracks, but also along with Sergeant José Pomales and Willie Baez, members of the Military Band of the 3rd Infantry Division formed a complete Salsa Orchestra. That task, lasted almost 9 months.

In 2007, "El Calvito" Reyes returned to Iraq, and this time, along with members of the Puerto Rico National Guard and members of the 3rd Army Infantry Division, achieved this immense goal of forming a Salsa Orchestra (100% Puerto Rican) in the middle of combat, for the first time in the history of Salsa. Then in 2009, Edwin managed to do the same in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kuwait.

Unquestionably, Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes, from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, is not as new as they will believe ... More than 10,000 soldiers have witnessed his incredible talent and unparalleled passion for Salsa; Salsa in the Medium of Combat. All the while, he continued in his skills as an air traffic controller, maintaining lives without accidents in the skies, with the greatest responsibility and professionalism.

Edwin is one of the few exponents in the world of Salsa, who has crossed from the west to the east, since in 2012, he joined one of the greats of the salsa, Greg Peña (Ex-trombonist of the Sonora Ponceña and La Terrífica), and served as lead vocalist of the Conjunto, during the World Peace Festival at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul where more than 80,000 people were present. A clear message is that "El Calvito" knows how to transform the nerves into an explosion on stage. Immediately after that performance, this ensemble was hired to perform at the Asian Salsa Congress, where more than 10,000 professional dancers from around the world gathered to compete along the rhythms of their music in the course of an extravagance 7 days

The musicians had to leave due to their military duties in the US and "El Calvito" was left alone. From 2013 to 2014, he made his own project in Korea, mixing sequential music and live percussion, forming a 3-person band that traveled through more than 5 cities in South Korea, serving as the main event for their Latin music establishments.

As the performances were noted on the military channels, his superiors invited him to serve as the speaker at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration at the Osan air base in South Korea, but Edwin did not talk about music, he talked about his city of Trujillo Alto, and of his heroes, the 65th Infantry Regiment of Puerto Rico, who fought in the Korean War;

"Letting someone know where I'm from and where I come from is my greatest pride," said Edwin. In 2015, at the base of Fort Riley, Kansas, "El Calvito" was invited, once again, to be the person in charge of serving as a motivator in a pro-Latino event, where before more than 250 people gathered. . Always talking about his pride of being Trujillano. There, he paid Tribute to his parents Lydia and Victor, who were present and seated to the right of the General in charge of said military base. His father Victor, served in the Vietnam War and that for Edwin is a reason for Pride. "I followed the steps of my dad."

Thanks to the Retired Officer, Carlos Negrón and Retired Sergeant, Albert Sanchez, "El Calvito" Reyes became the Officer in Charge and Principal Singer of the Official Salsa Orchestra of the United States, "The US Army Latin Ensemble" . This phenomenon is a choice of the best 13 Latin musicians within the armed forces. Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes, was called and chosen to play the role of Officer in charge of said Orchestra, due to his impeccable history as leader of groups in the army. Each year, the auditions do not stop, and "El Calvito" Reyes was the one who had the decision of who entered and who was not based on talent and knowledge of music. In this stage of his career, "El Calvito" was able to sing SALSA, in front of great figures of politics, such as Hillary Clinton, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, former Mexican President Vicente Fox and current Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricky Rosello. Apart from the musical show, there, Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes, was chosen to speak in front of 450 students of different Higher Schools, about the Importance of Latino in the Armed Forces.

He is a true leader, an excellent singer and performer. A man capable of acting at any level. After 22 years of service and many mobilizations to combat, Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes, decided to give way to record his own contribution to salsa. During his last deployment in combat in Iraq, Edwin wrote his first song, "Eres Mi Esposa", a song he dedicated to his wife for his unconditional support for his military career. A song that has been taken as a new symbol of love, gratitude and respect for all spouses.

In January 2018, Edwin, in collaboration with the Venezuelan, Rey Torcat, made a song dedicated to all the Boricuas who decided to leave the country looking for a better life, as a result of the ravages caused by Hurricane María and other problems of the country, and the I call "My Dear Earth". A Bolero, which has already won an AKADEMIA Award for best song of the year 2018.

Since then, "El Calvito" has recorded 2 more hits, One of them, MY RITMO IS CALLED ZALSA which is a song dedicated to Salsa as such, exposing the different dance styles throughout the world. Song that took it by surprise to be chosen by more than 20 dance academies, around the world, for their competitions.

SONEROS DE SANGRE NUEVA, which is its authorship, and has the initiative to bring together some of the best Soneros of the so-called New Blood (Josean Rivera, Nandy "El Sinsonte", Edwin LeBron and Gumby Navedo), was a song made to promote The Union going back to the times of the Fania where all collaborated with the same goal; bring quality salsa for the dancer and the listener, in union. This theme has reached new horizons, being used as part of the "jingle" of the 40th anniversary of the Recognized Z93 of Puerto Rico. Because of that, Edwin appeared on Channel 6 (VIVE TU NITE) and on channel 13 (ELLAS Y TUS NOCHES) and on TELEMUNDO, with the Total Access segment, and on dozens of radio stations in the country taking their music and his story.

Also, he has had the opportunity to appear in the programs PUERTO RICO AL DIA in Florida, and in UNIVISION ORLANDO as a guest to his entertainment programs ... After the retirement of the service, 2018 was a surprise year for "El Calvito" . He made his own website, He appeared live before more than 40,000 people (speaking together), he obtained 3 international hits, he reached his first thousand listeners on Spotify, he had 4 appearances on TV, more than 50 radio interviews, 3 in Colombia , 2 in Mexico, 5 in Puerto Rico, reached 2 main magazines (International Salsa Magazine and KARAS Magazine), was recognized by the Mayor of his own city in PR, as "Distinguished Citizen"; was Presented at the Majestic Orange Street Festival, Headed at a concert in Old Town, Kissimmee, in front of 4 thousand people, I present his music in the Puerto Rican Parade of FL in front of 6 thousand people, he got 3 completely sold events, including the New Year's event (2018-2019), He received direct praises of legendary salsa figures, such as: Bobby Cruz, Tito Allen, Frankie Vázquez, Tito Rojas and Chino Núñez; and ended the year in the TOP 100 of the world in places # 5 (MI RITMO SE LLAMA ZALSA) and # 29 (MI TIERRA QUERIDA).

Already, in 2019, He's the current # 1 in Spain and UK, with its new success, "Tócale La Moña".

And now, in JUNE 2019, he releases another future hot, called, QUIERO BAILAR CON ELLA.

So what's next for Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes? As he said from the beginning, before retiring from the army: "I will work hard to gain respect for my own merits, working with honesty, respect and dignity." That is his way. Always grateful for those who gave him their hand from the beginning, such as "Radio Calidad de Vida, La Brisa Tropical and Salsa Artist Booking". Also to remain humble, loyal to the thousands of new followers and, of course, to continue with their faith in God, that in their career great and great things will happen.

The music of our brother Hispano y Boricua, Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes is found on all the digital platforms (CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, etc). His music continues to occupy prestigious places in Interactive Radio and his work is pure passion.
Edwin "El Calvito" Reyes is well respected by many, as a truly dedicated human being, passionate about contributing to the salsa genre, which studies and respects the pioneers of the genre. Also, as a person who provides a great atmosphere with his leadership and professionalism, with Latin Music, his Talks, Community Work for different communities, but above all, as a family man; A person who gives everything for their own.

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