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Eric Lee Marshall

Eric is a songwriter, studio musician, and producer who has worked all over the country. Starting in music at an early age, Eric has engaged in a wide variety of styles, forms, and formats. Drawing influences from points as far away as Irish folk music to progressive rock. Having worked as a "jingle" writer for television and radio commercials, and gaining experience behind the mixing board, Eric Spent years developing a veritable library of styles to draw from. His meticulous attention to detail in writing departs from the usual mundane "rubber-stamp" music that infests the airwaves of today. Eric feels that a song should be cared about when it is written, and subsequently, this will transfer into the final product. In a recent interview, Eric said: " A lot of the industry stuff has gotten so template based, that the radio is all a wash. The record labels have been force feeding absolute rubbish down the throats of the public for decades, and at the same time wearing blinders regarding what the people really want. There are people that still like the classics, you know, really cool music that wasn't based on superfluous market research. " Eric feels that music should be fun, and moving, evoking more than just the most basic emotions. Ranging from epic to the cartoonish, Eric has always wanted the music to have something more than just the formatted "who's going to dance on me?" message. For those who like quality, rather than quantity, Eric Marshall offers songs of the people. Crossover classic rock, with country, folk, patriotic, romantic, and hilariously funny all in one album.
Eric's most recent release, "This, That, and the Other" is an eclectic mix of songs beginning with "Up and Out"; a song about the value of hard work and never giving up. Moving into "We the People"; a sobering, yet inspirational look at where America has lost its way through complacency. Taking a lighter turn, the third song "My Horse" is a satirical story of a cowboy who falls prey to a professional gold-digger. "Song of the Workin' Man" is exactly that. A driving attack on the system of repression that turns hard working honest people into dependents of the system. Falling back on his Nashville experience, Eric then hits us with "Redneck Escape Pod"; which he explains as a song for all the projects that men start, and never finish. "Cowboy Yob" is another crossover comedy about the one survivor of the Roswell crash, who ends up working on a dude ranch. Returning to more realistic themes, "Closin' Time Girl" is a country ballad about long lost love." The Economy Song" is a simple, heartfelt protest song about the state of the union, and perseverance. Taking a turn into the darker side of relationships gone wrong, is "You Should Know"; a rather scathing hard rock song about getting past the pain. Executing a near 180, we the lighten up with the funny side of bad relationships with "Get Out" which is a hilarious look at how fickle love can be. Closing out the album, in a raucous, pure classic rock party song we have; "I don't Know What I Had" (Last night); detailing the aftermath of the bash of a lifetime.
Eric resides somewhere in the United States, and enjoys family, writing, working, faith, fun, and horses.