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Everything I Am

I got a cheap electric guitar for my 13th birthday. My old man taught me how to tune it and a few chords. I learned by ear, and sat in my room playing for hours every day. Six months later I started my first band. We sucked, but I fell in love with music. -Chuck Cantasano ( guitar/vocals )

Everything I Am started as a hand full of songs I had written while in my last musical project. That band felt the songs were either too "punk rock" or to political for their style...
When that band ended in 2014 I began to put together a new group around those songs. I needed to find like minded people to pull it together, take the music seriously and give it "Everything I Am" hence the name.

Drummer Chad Young was a perfect fit with a background in Punk Rock, technical knowledge from marching band in high school, and then a pretty diverse set of other influences to round out his style. Plus the two have known each other since high school.

A couple of months (and a few auditions) later we met bassist Frank Faccioli. Frank is a more jazz/funk oriented bass player though he also loves metal a lot too. He had never played punk rock before but personality-wise we all clicked almost immediately and his bass style brought a wild card element to the sound that was different but just kind of worked. We were happy to bring Frank onboard.

We released our 1st record "Double Flat Numb" in early 2016. Shortly after that we wen't through some changes. Adding a 2nd guitarist, Then Frank left the band and we had another bass player come in. A few months later Chad moved out of state and we got a new drummer. While the new members were all great guys and solid players the band wasn't the same. Eventually the band broke up and Chuck began working on the 2nd record alone until one day he got a call. Chad had moved back to town and they got together and teamed up again. Within a month or so the two reached out to former bassist Frank Faccioli again and scheduled a "trial jam session" to get together, have a few beers, play some tunes and see how it felt... Everything clicked right back into place and just like that the original line up was back together and agreed to keep it a 3 piece from here on out. We began dusting off the older songs, booking shows again, and working on the songs for the 2nd album (due for release in the spring of 2018).