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This interview from Flipside Magazine, gives a bit of the band's history.

ShitEd: How old is this band and how did it form? Who started Fun?

Andy -- I started it about 2 yrs. ago with my seester Erika from Yello Scab. But that didn't go 'cause I lost interest in leading a band after 3 rehearsals. (too much work) So I joined a band called Use and that didn't last. Then in November 96 I decided to make a demo of 5 songs with some friends, and one thing has led to another... The concept of the band is FUN. I've been in bands all my life and every one except maybe the first one turned into a DRAG for one reason or another. Drink or drugs or ego or just plain assholes... I can't put the blame on EVERYONE else cause I know I have the capacity to be a jerk like all us humans. So Fun is a sign to remind me and the band what we are doing this for. Of course we wouldn't mind selling a lot of CD's, having money can be fun too.

ShitEd: So the band's named 'Fun' because it should remain fun?

Andy -- Yeah it's a concept. We hope that it will help me to remember.

ShitEd: What are the backgrounds of each band member? Who's been in what?

Andy -- I've played with many bands on stages and in studios. I met Carlos as a recording engineer. We became friends and still continue to make records.

ShitEd: I was going to ask you if you were an engineer or record producer! In addition to being very punk, the CD has a richness and depth to it that, without being overproduced, made me think you were a pro. How many years experience do you have in the studio?

Andy -- I started when I was a kid. My dad gave me a tape machine and I started recording everything. Now they pay me for it. It's a cool way to make a living if you can listen to the same song over and over and over.

ShitEd: But back to the band?

Andy -- Carlos has played with so many rock stars that I'll only mention two: Iggy Pop on 'Lust for Life' and 'The Idiot' albums and tours, and David Bowie on many albums and tours. Aaron just learned to play drums and hopes to be a bass player someday. Sean is the flamethrower on point. I met him and Aaron in Use.

ShitEd: I'm not familiar with Use. Tell me about it.

Andy -- Use was a band that played sort of math rock, VERY HEAVY with time changes and stuff like that. We almost got the big record deal but the band wasn't able to survive that kind of attention.

ShitEd: How did you go about recording the PAX CD? It has a raging immediacy that sounds like live music!

Andy -- Aaron, Sean and I rehearsed one day and went into the studio the next. I taught them 6 or 7 songs at the rehearsal, and the rest in the studio. Carlos came down the next day and made up his parts on the spot. We did all 13 songs in one sitting. I did vocals on another day and the rough mixes from the vocal sessions ended up on the cd cause I like the sound. I tried to mix the album, but I prefer the noise on the roughs.

ShitEd: What does that Latin verbiage in your CD liner notes mean?

Andy -- Wow you actually read the insert... That is so cool. 'Summa Scientia Nihil Scire' means 'The Height of Knowledge is to KNOW Nothing'. 'AR.NAT.MI' means 'Art is the minister of Nature'. 'TEM.NA.F' means 'Nature is the daughter of Time'. I love that shit.

ShitEd: So Art is fooling around with Time's daughter? Sort of 'making Time', once removed, ha ha? Seriously, whose idea was it to make the vocals just trail off the way they do on 'Demon Bitch', yours?

Andy -- The recording of that song has a first verse and 2nd verse that gets cut off... I thought that my voice sounded like I was taken a shit so I cut it down in size. Besides the song is about a demon, I like the way that I call her a bitch and act tough, like a big mouth. 'Cause in the end when I say 'you got no soul' she ices me and my record.

ShitEd: The song 'I Wanna Go Home' gets into this really great chant in the chorus that sounds like the way kids go 'Rah! Rah! Rah!' at a high school football game. That's so unusual. Tell me about it. How did that song get written?

Andy -- That song is about wishing I could go back in time to when I was a kid livin in the woods in upstate ny (with my Grandfather). My childhood was the best.

ShitEd: Very few people in the Hollywood-centered punk scene realize that I have been an occult student most of my life. To me your CD package has a familiar-looking style. The use of Latin mottos, those two symbolic diagrams inside circles - especially the one on the left with the hexagram - , the Pax logo and even the CD label itself scream 'occultist' to me, perhaps with an originally Catholic background because of the Latin. What have you studied that is religious or spiritual? There's SOMETHING behind this! Come on Andy, fess up!

Andy -- In our 20th century culture a lot of us in the U.S. seem to have been left holding the bag when it comes to the big questions. So I started searching and reading every 'occult' type of book I could find. A funny thing about a search like that is that one thing def. leads to another. I have studied a few different systems. But the stuff on the CD is all to remind me or anyone else who might have a clue about that stuff.... It ain't all good. I think a way to decode the PAX symbol could be this: I see three different things, the first are the 3 circles which might represent a trinity. That concept is found in almost every religion or philos. Then the 'T' TAU an ancient symbol you see in the bottom half of the Egyptian ANK, and last on top '+' a cross with equal length bars evoking the 4 creative forces, a very, very old concept. Definitely NOT a Roman execution device.

ShitEd: Getting any airplay on the CD in colleges or cool stations?

Andy -- Nice segue dude. Yeah in Miami, South Carolina, Tuscon Arizona, Belgium, Latvia, and upstate New York. Maybe other places too but we haven't contacted every station that has a copy.

ShitEd: Am I correct in assuming that your record label, Polywog, is actually you?

Andy -- Yes