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FUSK - that is Kasper Tom Christiansen (Kran, QUARTz), Andreas Lang (QUARTz, a la Cour), Philipp Gropper (Hyperaktive Kid, Philm) and Rudi Mahall (Der Rote Bereich, Globe Unity Orchestra) – shine with their witty way of playing and their inventiveness. The quartet covers a broad spectrum, from catchy melodies to complex structures and the expressive deconstruction of patterns. One moment playful, soon showing its teeth, their music exhibits its diversity. From harmony to noise, all possibilities are explored. The compositions often feature rhythmic interlocking without coming across overly sophisticated. Everything flows with lyric lightness. Even though there are recurring passages of free play, the musicians convince with their dense interplay. And everyone who has seen them live knows: There is plenty of room for humour. Titles such as "Attacke Of The Überpea" are only one example. Seriousness and oddity reign together and topics and audio material are always dealt with in a playful and this way very refreshing way. A real feast for the ears!