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Felicity Buirski

WAYFARER – One Woman’s Journey from Illusion to Light
Documented in song and comprising Four Albums.
A journey that has taken me from self-delusion to self-awareness and from inner turmoil to inner peace.

When I first started writing songs at the age of 26 I had only a vague, through a glass darkly idea, of the journey I was on - quite a gruelling journey in to the self. Carl Jung spoke of the Individuation Process - a psychological, spiritual and emotional transformation from the adapted, fragmented, false self, to an authentic integrated being. I'm living this transformation and have documented this process and my progress in song.
This was not a conscious act when it began but a super-conscious one. In other words I had to have faith both in God who I felt led and inspired by and my own higher Self.
My journey is unique to me but I believe that it is a Modern Alchemy - the Hero's Journey that so many of us are in the process of living. In many ways I feel we are on this journey together, not just individually but also collectively. The old corrupt paradigms, especially of male/female relationships have become untenable and new healthier ways of relating are emerging. This is causing a massive upheaval in society as well as in individual souls. In a nutshell I believe men and women are becoming equal - something we always were but something that was never allowed to manifest in recent history to the detriment of us all. History without her story was always only half the story and thus biased and unbalanced both in its making and recording.
When I began to write my songs in the early 80's women were only slowly beginning to find a voice. When I was interviewed on Rai Television, Italy in the early 90's I was asked questions that I struggled to answer at the time but now could write a book on. Questions like "Why are women singer-songwriters suddenly proliferating?”
I've been on a very long journey to become conscious of my own gender brain-washing from society and stereotypical expectations of my "role" as a female. The great poet Dylan Thomas once said that the best poetry is written just prior to understanding and with my own offerings, the songs were a way to elucidate or bring to consciousness unformed or newly forming insight and understanding within myself.
When each of us, male and female individually comes home to our authentic selves, which is spirit, soul and body, we will see that we are made up of both masculine and feminine energies. This is the Coniunctio of the Alchemical endeavour. We will then be able to be in relationships without the fear of ‘losing ourselves’. We’ll be able to love without need, or the deal of conditional reciprocation. We’ll be free to choose and indeed love from harmonious desire, rather than searching for the other person to make us whole. Male and female will be seen as equal parts of the whole; equal manifestations of the Divine reality both immanent and transcendent.
Bliss, then awaits our homecoming.
Godspeed us all on our journeys.

I have been working on a book to accompany my songs since the mid-nineties, returning to it with further gold dug from the mines of often profoundly painful self-reflection. It is Everyman’s journey really….Everywoman’s. I have called the book The F Word as a working title and the F stands for forgiveness.
It has been a long, arduous journey over difficult interior terrain “But into golden light I have transmuted the dark dross of my pain”.